November 8, 2012

Shirtless Nexus Has a Nightmare

Nexus' mission in life is to (unwillingly) seek out and kill mass murderers (A superhero who actually kills baddies?!). The Merk inform him on who his targets are via visions & dreams which can turn into nasty nightmares which can actually physically injure him. These scans of a shirtless & speedo-clad Horatio Hellpop are from Nexus Vol. 2 #4.

Bonus: Gratuiutous Horatio Hellpop Butt-shot.


DAN said...

Drool!!!! Really can't wait for my Nexus Omnibus to show up, to think over 400 pages of this gorgeousness is just 2 or so weeks away! MUST HAVE IT NOW! :)

pandesal said...

I hope you like it, Dan! The art is gorgeous and the story ain't bad either (it won 6 Eisners!).


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