March 31, 2011

Missing Green Lantern Poll Votes

This is weird. Our current poll, "Who is the Hottest Green Lantern?" lost about 1/3 to 1/2 of the current votes. I've read that some other Blogger users have experienced the same problem. Hopefully this is just a temporary hiccup, but maybe it's better if I use a third party poll widget from now on.

And for legality, here are some scans featuring the Green Lanterns featured in the poll, Hal Jordan & Kyle Rayner.
Crazy Hal from Green Lantern Vol. 3 #50

Naked Kyle being woken up in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #51

March 30, 2011

Shirtless Red Robin

So, Tim Drake is captured by the League of Shadows Assassins. And what happens when Ra's Al Ghul's elite ninja group captures one of the Bat-boys? They strip them to the waist. (squee!) Though in this particular instance they actually have a valid reason for doing so since they performed surgery on Tim. This gratuitous  (and welcome) Tim Drake beefcake is from Red Robin #5.

Brath Beefcake

The long hair, the hairy chest, the constant shirtlessness. It seems that Brath was made for Shirtless Superheroes! He is one hot fictinonal character. Unfortunately there was a criminal lack of Brath scans in this blog. We only had one post featuring him. Thankfully, Terry noticed this injustice and kindly sent us a bunch of scans featuring the CrossGen hunk. This first batch of scans are from Brath #2, #3, #5 & #6.

Naked Hyperion

Supreme Power is full of beefcake. Whether its because their costumes are ripped off during a fight or because they've just had sex with a hot alien babe, there's plenty of eye candy in this title. Which is only fair since the heroines in this book are like, naked all the time! Its nice that we get some beefcake with our cheesecake. Edit: Just wanted to add that the art was done by the great Gary Frank.

The following scans are from Supreme Power Vol. 1 # 18. In this particular instance, Hyperion gets really pissed off and flies into space and back again. His flight space-ward tears his shirt off while his re-entry takes care of his pants, leading to a bare butt shot.

Ka-Zar in the City

In Spider-Man Family #6, Spidey teams-up with Ka-Zar. I love that he's seems to be wearing a skimpier  than usual loincloth. He looks quite hot here, but where are his nipples? Many thanks to Brooklyn for sharing these scans with us.

Marvel's Hercules

Robert sent in these images featuring one of Marvel's studliest heroes, Hercules. I think he looks particularly hot in statue/action figure form!

Grey & Red Hulks

Tired of the garden variety green Hulk beefcake? Lucky for us Robert sent in these scans featuring Hulks of different hues. The Grey Hulk also known as "Joe Fixit" is an alternate form of Bruce Banner's Hulk, he is a morally ambiguous Vegas enforcer. While Red Hulk (sometimes called Rulk) is the alter ego of Gen. Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross, head of the Gamma Bomb project, Bruce's father-in-law & She Red Hulk/Betty Ross's dad. Yeah, they're one crazy family.


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