March 26, 2011

Cyclops in the Savage Land (Again)

In Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age one-shot the X-Men's bare-chested fearless leader is in the Savage Land, reflecting on all the crazy stuff that's been going on lately. After fighting some dinosaurs, Scott is greeted by an unexpected visitor, Steve Rogers. They have a leader to leader talk on what Cyke's plans are for the X-Men in particular and mutant kind in general. It was nice to see Scott being being a bit starstruck in Cap's presence. But you know what wasn't nice? The artist forgot to draw Scott's nipples!


DAN said...

Nice lookin' Scott! Gotta love the Savage Land for all the shirtlessness and near nakedness it's muggy climate has caused over the years!

pandesal said...

Oh yes! It seems that everytime the X-Men are in the Savage Land at least one male member of the team will strip to the waist or changes into a loincloth!


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