October 2, 2016

Shirtless Hal Hordan Bondage & Naked Guy Gardner

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #4 delivers a heavy dose of fanservice. Hal Jordan gets tortured in his undies, meanwhile Sinestro has captured Guy Gardner, who's power ring has run out of juice, leaving him naked. I should have known Guy goes commando!

Green Lantern Hal Jordan: Shirtless Farming

In Green Lantern Vol. 3 #1, Hal Jordan's having a bit of existential crisis & wants to try to just be a regular guy, not a superhero. So he goes to a small town to do some bare-chested farm work. Good plan.Toobad Guy Gardner had to ruin it for him.

Shirtless Daredevil in Bed

College student Elektra pays a shirtless Matt Murdock a visit after some vigilante shenanigans, from Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra #2.


Kid Flash Nipslip

In Teen Titans Vol. 4 #4, a clothing damaged Bart Allen is introduced to the team.

Dick Grayson Nipslip

In Tale of the Teen Titans #41, Dick Grayson was brainwashed & joined the Church of Blood. He eventually snaps out of the conditioning in time to save his teammates. Brother Blood manages to zap him unconscious which opens the front of his shirt, exposing his bare chest. Man, Brother Blood sure likes to strip Dick doesn't he?

Iron Man in a Towel & Shirtless Bruce Banner

Here's a litte something for Tony/Bruce shippers. In Iron Man #131, Iron Man helps the authorities engaged in thrying to contain the Hulk. After the big green guy calms down, Tony Stark whisks an unconscious Bruce Banner to his penthouse, where they hang out in different states of undress.

Shirtless Aquaman in JLA Classified

Lets take some time to appreciate Aquaman's awesome, if short-lived, shirtless costume, shall we? Scans from JLA Classified #28.

The Shadow War of Hawkman Shirtlessness

Posting about characters who are always bare-chested has always been a dilemma for me. Do I need to post the panels in which they are shirtless (which would be every damn panel), or do I just pic & choose which panels to post? I chose the latter for these scans from The Shadow War of Hawkman #1. I love how the titular character has to actually has to take his shirt of to be in costume.

Backlash in a towel

Time for some old school Wildstorm/Image fanservice! In Wildcore #2, a towel clad Backlash gets some lip from taboo. From what I gather, Backlash may have been the Dick Grayson of the old Wildstorm universe, with his numerous shirtless & beefcake shots.


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