January 3, 2018

Shirtless Human Torch in Shorts

In Uncanny Avengers #27, Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch flames off. Now, before the big fight Johnny, was wearing civies, his shirt was burned off but somehow his shorts are miraculously  undamaged. Damn that Indestructible Pants trope! (Unstable molecules, I know) But at least we still got shirtless Johnny.

Shirtless Angel

Warren Warthington's powers have been gone though some changes lately. He basically has too forms. As Angel he usually appears shirtless, wear just plain pants, while as Archangel he turns into his blue-skinned, metal-winged self. Obviously these scans from Astonishing X-Men #1 feature his Angel form.

Shirtless Ultimate X-Men: Iceman, Cyclops & Magician

Part 2 of the Date Night storyarc in Ultimate X-Men #67 features more panels of Magician in his undies, shirtless Iceman getting it on with Rogue, and a bare-chested Cyclops.

Shirtless Daken, Old Man Logan & Deadpool

All-New Wolverine #22 delivers three slices of beefcake in the form of Daken, Old Man Logan & Deadpool.

Shirtless Old Man Logan & Clothing Damaged Daredevil

Star Lord is not the only hero who's shirt gets destroyed in his book. Old Man Logan suffers from some clothing damage in Star Lord #5. We even get a peak at Daredevil's hairy chest after his costume is ripped.

Defrosted Shirtless Iceman

In X-Men #70, Iceman spends most of the issue defrosted, which mean we get to see him in his belted briefs + boots combo. I miss this costume so much

Quicksilver Likes to be Shirtless...

... at least that's what Mockingbird thinks. Scans from Secret Empire Underground #1.


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