February 29, 2008

Young Namor

Here are some pretty, pretty art featuring a young Namor. Special thanks to Lacosta for sharing these scans with us. Lacosta has a hot, new blog called Hot Fictional Guys, check it out!

February 28, 2008

Grunge's Strip Show

Here we have Grunge, AKA God's Gift to Beefcake-Loving Fanboys and Fangirls Everywhere, stripping! Special thanks to Croup for this.

According to him:
The story behind it is, the team needed some information from someone over the internet. To get it, however, the informant tells them that the "short dark-haired hottie" has to put on a show for him. At first, the team assume the perv means Freefall. But it actually turns out to be . . . Grunge! For the rest, I'll let the page speak for itself.

Damage's Enemies

This is the third and final part of Vespa331's Damage scans. Not only are the titular character and his friend/mentor/sidekick (Iron Munro) frequently bare-chested, but his rogue's gallery also has a penchant for being shirtless or naked.

February 26, 2008


Croup sent in some non-Grunge scans (don't worry, Grunge still appears in the last panel). It's Deathblow gone Rambo!

According to Croup:
I bring you Michael Cray, also known as Deathblow! Here in all his bare-chested glory as he appeared in the Fire From Heaven crossover event.


Robin stumbles upon Oracle's live video feed from Nightwing's apartment. All I can say is "Go Babs!" If I had the kind of resources she does, I would totally have cameras on Dick all the time! I'm such a perv. Special thanks to Vespa331 for sharing this scan with us.

Iron Monru

This is the second part of Vespa331's Damage scans. This installment features Munro.

According to Vespa331:
I'm not sure what to classify Munro as - he's kind of a friend to Grant, little bit of an ally/sidekick, little bit of a father figure...it's complicated. I think he's an older hero, Justice Society era. Munro kinda confused me. But he's shirtless A Lot, so gotta love him.
EDIT: Some additional info courtesy of Dave in NJ:
Iron Munro was created for the book "Young All-Stars." back in the late 80's. When the Crisis wiped out the Earth 2 Superman from continuity, DC created Iron Munro to be the replacement figure in any old golden age stories. The same was true for the character of Fury (Lyta Hall) who was the replacement for Wonder Woman and Flying Fox who replaced Batman.

February 24, 2008

Spider-Man Wakes Up

Time for some old school Peter Parker beefcake from Spectacular Spider-Man #145. Many thanks to Species 125 for sharing these with us!

Grunge Loves Porn

Our hunky hero locks himself in a room, scans the TV for a nudie channel and gets ready to engage in a little self abuse! If I didn't love Grunge before seeing these scans, I do now!

Special thanks to Croup for sharing the Grunge love!

He later hooks up with a real live woman...

Battered Batman

Vespa331 shares with us this scan from Harley Quinn, featuring a bandaged up Batman being attended to by good old Alfred in the Batcave.

February 21, 2008

Faust: Demonic Orgy

Warning! The following scan shows nudity and sexual situations of the homosexual kind. NSFW! Click on the image at your own risk!

With that obligatory disclaimer out of the way, here's a very hot scan from Faust: Book of M. A dude gets violated by demons! Special thanks to Reiko for sharing this with us.

EDIT: Correction - Apparently this scan is not from Faust, but from a gay comic calld Demonic Sex. Special thanks to Dupree for the info.

February 20, 2008

Naked Iceman

Time for some Iceman nudity, courtesy of Triba44. Thank you for sharing


This is a the first part of some Damage-centric scans brought to you by Vespa331.

According to her:
Damage gets shirtless in his first comic and spends most of the next couple comic shirtless. I mean, for like the entire comic, he just never puts a shirt on. The smug shower scene could not be more gratuitous. But the greatest thing about the Damage comic was that not only was Grant shirtless a lot, so were his friends and enemies. And the only cheesecake was one short scene where a chick answers the door in a nightie, and one of his nude enemies is a chick (but just for one panel). It's like a beefcake manifesto.

February 19, 2008

Nova Flashback

Dermie shares with us this hot flashback scene form Nova Annual #1. Rich Rider was a hot twink!

Grunge in a Sticky Situation

Croup sent in more Grunge goodness. In these scans, our hero faces of with... chewing gum?! Buttshots a plenty ahead.

February 18, 2008

Elseworlds Batman Beefcake

There seems to be a rule in the DC Multiverse: Whatever reality Bruce Wayne is in, he must remain hot. Here are a couple of Elseworlds scans courtesy of DC fangir extraordinaire, Vespa331.

According to her:
First we have Bruce working out in his boxers, from an AU called Haunted Gotham. It's about a Gotham that's haunted, which in itself isn't that unusual, but it has a Thomas Wayne who lives until Bruce is an adult and trains Bruce for...something...his entire life.

Then another AU - In Darkest Knight. Batman as a Green Lantern. It's pretty awesome. I mean if they'd been looking for willpower instead of fearlessness in the first place, Bruce would beat Hal hands down.


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