February 16, 2008

Cyclops in the Savage Land

For the first time, two guys sent me scans for the same issue. Special thanks to Jere Keys and UnlimitedJason for sharing with us these pretty, pretty scans from Uncanny X-Men #495 (extra special thanks to Jere for blacking out all the spoilers since this is the current issue at press time).

Cyclops & Emma Frost are vacationing in the Savage Land, needles to say, shirtlessness is compulsory! Scott looks so yummy in these scans! And we even get some bonus shirtlessness from Ka-Zar (duh! hes always shirtless) and Emma Frost (!).


steverm said...

It seems beautiful chests with nipples are, thankfully, less and less rare these days. What *IS* still very rare, however, is a shirtless hero's bed companion playfully FINGERING his nipple with her finger. GOOD SCAN. GOOD ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pandesal said...

I still think Jean Grey is Scotty's main squeeze, but Emma gets points for the nipple fingering.


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