January 8, 2014

Young Angel Hotness in X-Men Season One

Warren Worthington fangirls & boys, brace yourselves! We have hit the motherload of all Angel beefcake! Our favorite winged hunk appears shirtless in several times in the X-Men Season One one-shot.The other original X-boys also go bare-chested. Gonna post those later. Special thanks to @PepperMonster for reminding me of this glorious issue.

Not sure if Jean is shocked by his wings or by his hotness

The money shot

Oh Jean, stalker much?

Shirtless Angel to the rescue.

Such a ladies man.

Metal tentacle rape?

All wet

Spider-Man Shirtless in Age of Ultron

Time for some Spidey eye candy with a little light bondage! Peter Parker had one hell of a bad day in Age of Ultron #1. First he gets rescued by Hawkeye from some mutant growth hormone dealers, then they get attacked by a bunch of Ultron controled sentineld before finally being man-handled by She-Hulk, Luke Cage & Tony Stark.

Captain America's Exploding Shirt

In A vs X #2 , Gambit takes on Captain America. During their fight, the ragin' Cajun uses his powers to charge Caps Scaley-Armor Costume. In the end it wasn't enough to defeat the Avenger. But you gotta hand it to Remy for giving us some nice fan service.

Shirtless Nova

In the landmark 50th issue of New Warriors Vol. 1, Nova fights Spinx and suffers from some clothing damage. Richard Rider looks pretty hunky here doesn't he?

Shirtless Marvel Boy In the Hospital

In New Warriors Vol. 1 #17, Marvel Boy aka Vance Astrovik hangs around bare-chested in the hospital after breaking his arm & some ribs.It's actually a pretty sweet scene in which a woman who he just rescued gave birth to a baby boy & named the kid after him.


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