November 27, 2008

Scarred Nightwing

Time for some tasty Nightwing beefcake! In Nightwing #150, in a great act of fanservice which I'm sure we are grateful for, we get close ups of (a very scarred) Dick Grayson's body parts as he puts on his costume. Special thanks to Kaja for these scans.

Various Furys

Nick Fury is one of the manliest men in comics, and like all manly men, he likes to take his shirt off. Even a during a fight. The following Fury eye candy was brought to you by Erynus.

Ollie in the Hospital

Green Arrow fan MacCubbish sent in these scans from Green Arrow #14-15, featuring our emerald archer in the hospital. Sorry 'bout the late post Mac.

Buff Braniac

Here's the new and improved Braniac form Action Comics #871. Brainy looks much hunkier than usual. Even Lex thinks so! This scans were brought to you by Justin.

Cyborg & Beast Boy

Jharen shares with us some Titans beefcake featuring BBF's Cyborg and Beast Boy (though he will always be Changeling to me). Both guys are having bad hair decades in these scans. Victor sports an afro and Gar has a mullet... eew. But no matter the 'do, they're still hot.

And here's a panel from featuring a younger Gar.

November 26, 2008

Wolfskin's Full Frontal

Frontal nudity alert! These scans are from Warren Ellis' Wolfskin, published by Avatar Press. Thanks to Terry for sharing these scans with us.

Grifter's Public Nudity

I love public nudity scenes. Get X shares with us these great scans featuring WildCATS' Grifter, being a badass while showing his ass.

Blackhawk: Fighting Naked

Jimmy sent in these awesome scans featuring Blackhawk fighting some dudes... in the nude! And there's even some girl there to watch the show (and participate)! You can visit Jimmy's blogs here and here.

Batman: Tenses Part 2

Bruce Wayne eye candy! Here's the second part of Vespa331's Batman: Tenses scans. These all from issue # 2 which features Bruce at the doctor's office, in his room and in the exercising in the Batcave. All in various stages of undress.

November 25, 2008

More Atwaal

Here is part two of the Atwaal scans brought to you by Derek in DC.

Young Heroes in Bed and in Costume

Dermie sent in these scans featuing two hunks from Young Heroes In Love. First up is Hard Drive in bed with Monster Girl.

And here we have Frostbite in his skimpy costume.

Injured X-Men

Being an X-Man can be risky. They tend to get hurt a lot, which is bad. But it gives us plenty of beefcake, which is always good. Here are some scans featuring some injured, shirtless X-Hunks sent in by Jharen.






Ovu Mobani shares with us these scans featuring Anything (strange codename eh?) from FreeX, a Malibu Comics title that featured teenaged heroes. Anything has the power to reshape his body, which is probably why he's naked in the scans below.


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