November 22, 2008

Naked Doctor Fate

The new Doctor Fate, Kevin V. Nelson, naked in public. What would the six past Doctor Fates would say?! Nice ass shot though. Scans courtesy of Jharen.


Anonymous said...

guys ! have you got the issue of this very sexy scene about doctor fate ? the number issue in fact
thanks by advance


hellboylove said...

I second that. This blog is REALLY awesome, the best. But listing the title and/or issue number of where the scans come from should be a recommended requirement for submitting. There are several scans from this blog I'd love to get the entire issue and read the story around particular scenes but cant. Thanks, keep it up!

pandesal said...

Sorry about the lack of info about the scans. I'll ask the contributors to include some information about the title and issues.


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