October 27, 2012

Shirtless Superboy turns Miss Martian On

Superboy just doesn't know how hot he is. In the Young Justice episode, "Targets", he and Miss Martian as getting ready for their first day of school. When he's told that he can't wear the "S" shirt (which is basically his costume) to school, he just turns it inside out.

He takes it off right in front of Megan, who has the biggest fangirl crush on him. He seems to be oblivious to the fact that he just unintentionally turn Miss M (and the viewing audience?) on.

Megan Morse appreciates good beefcake

October 26, 2012

Young Aquaman's Shirtless Adventures

In Aquaman #7 & 8 we got a taste of Arthur's Post-Flashpoint origin. Apparently prior to joining the Justice League, he was a part of a team call The Others. And prior to wearing that scaly orange armor shirt we all know and love(?) he used to go shirtless all the time. I wish he'd go back to this look. 

Nightwing Unzips

So Nightwing's new costume has a zipper in the front? I like it, specially the way he sort of just tears it off. This slice of Post-Flashpoint Dick Grasyon beefcake is from Nightwing #4.

And as a bonus, here's the Nightwing Model Sheet for Young Justice: Invasion. Yeah, I know he's not shirtless, but he looks awesome(!) so I'm posting it here.

October 22, 2012

Spider Man in a Towel

In Spider-Men #5, after getting back from his adventure in the Ultimate Universe were he met his current counterpart Miles Morales (Peter Parker of the Ulti U is dead), Spidey decides to check if there's also a Main Universe version of the the kid. And what he finds shocks him (cliffhanger!).

Oh, and did I mention that he did it after he just got out of the shower, looking hot in nothing but towel?

Match: That Other Hot Teenaged Superman Clone

To me, Superboy is basically Young Justice's Mr. Fanservice. The way he's designed, his frequent shirtlessness, his constantly torn clothes and the fact that (at least for the first season) both his female teammates have major crushes on him (Artemis: "Mmmm, that boy...") make it obvious that one of the reasons he's there is to make the fangirls (and fanboys *ehem*) squee. So it should come as no surprise that another Kryptonian clone who looks almost exactly like him would be good beefcake material as well.

In "Agendas", Conner visits Cadmus Labs and unwittingly releases Match, another teenaged Superman clone, think Evil Conner with black eyes, more powers and less talking. This version of the characters seems to be an amalgam of Match & Superboy-Prime in the comics.

Conner's gets clothing damage too! Duh

Peter Parker: (Pool) Party Animal

Amazing Spider-Man #249 starts with Peter desperately trying to get his shirt off (sound like a good start to the story doesn't it)... so that a guest at the party he's attending won't deduce that he is in fact our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Girl likes what she sees...

Peter then spent the most of the issue in a half shirt & cut offs. Don't you just love the 80's?

Hunky Nexus

I love Nexus. He always seemed to be in some state of undress. Why these scans alone he's in tiny speedoes, shirtless after a workout, (naked?) in bed and hanging out bare chested in a garden. And these were all from just one issue! (Nexus # 3).

October 18, 2012

Shirtless Spider-Man & Agent Venom Horse Play

Special thanks to Brendan for sharing with us this gorgeous piece featuring some good-natured rough housing between bare-chested best friends Peter Parker (Spider-Man, duh) & Flash Thompson (Agent Venom). They look so adorable & hot at the same time! This awesome piece of beefcake commissioned art was done by the awesome Lan Medina.

Bare-Chested Blue Beetle

I loved Young Justice's latest episode, "Before the Dawn". Not only because it was an awesome episode, but also because of some premium Blue Beetle beefcake! He's like this season's Superboy. Not even a minute into the episode and Jaime already has shirt off, probably to give the fangirls/boys some eye candy. Though the real reason for his shirtlessness was probably so that we can get a good view of the scarab fusing itself to his spine.

The first scene is a flashback showing how Jaime became BB.

We then cut to the present in which the bare-chested Jaime is a captive of the Reach.

And it's BBF Impulse to the rescue!

Saw this on Tumblr... :)
Credit to lightkanna

Legion Wedding & Honeymoon

Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl got married in Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 3 #45 and we got to see what the wedding attire looked like in the 30th century. Garth & Imra look great (I like that the groom's also showing cleavage), but would it kill the guests to dress up for the occasion? Sheesh.

Later on the newlyweds go on their honeymoon which also gave us a peak of what swimsuits look like in the distant future.


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