October 11, 2012

Nightwing joins the Mile High Club

Nightwing made it all the way to issue #2 of his Post-Flashpoint title before he a) Appeared shirtless (squee!) and b) slept with a woman (on a plane!). The Bat-Backstory is pretty much intact in "The New 52", but it was still nice to have confirmation that Dick is still the casually bare-chested manwhore ladies man with a penchant for redheads that we all know & love.


DAN said...

Finally! Dick should have taken it off since the first issue, DC really needs to get their *bleep* together, not to mention coordinate their continuity better. Anyway, nice to see the Bat Family's resident man-whore acting like himself again. :)

pandesal said...

Ha! Yeah, nothing's changed. Dick's still DC Universe's top hunk. lol


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