October 18, 2012

Legion Wedding & Honeymoon

Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl got married in Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 3 #45 and we got to see what the wedding attire looked like in the 30th century. Garth & Imra look great (I like that the groom's also showing cleavage), but would it kill the guests to dress up for the occasion? Sheesh.

Later on the newlyweds go on their honeymoon which also gave us a peak of what swimsuits look like in the distant future.


DAN said...

All but the last panel are by Mike Grell, who's work is always gorgeous and he likes to provide plenty of beefcake and cheesecake, I wish DC would reprint more of his work on Warlord, Green Arrow, and Legion! BTW, the new Arrow show is pretty awesome so far, and its star Stephen Amell is smokin' hot and shirtless at least twice an episode so far!

pandesal said...

Grell drew these? I should have known!

Note to self: watch Arrow and make some screencaps. Thanks for the tip, DAN!


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