November 1, 2012

Man of Steel in Shorts of Red

So I have good news & bad news. The bad news: artist Kenneth Rocafort who's work I've just posted left Red Hood & the Outlaws. The good news: he's now on Superman! So now we can look forward to pretty, pretty beefcake shots of Clark Kent!

From Superman #13 in which Clark works out in a pair of tiny red shorts, then walks in on a naked Jimmy Olsen (with a girl) in the shower.


DAN said...

Really cute Jimmy, but his Clark is way too smooth for me, especially with Henry Cavill looking gloriously furry in all the set pics from the new Superman movie, why would they let a artist draw him like this? Talk about no coordination between divisions! :(

pandesal said...

Yeah, I forgot to comment about that. Here are my (silly) theories:

1. In The New 52, manscaping is the norm.
2. He shaves it 'cause Kryptonian armor chaffes.
3. He's a young Clark Kent, maybe he's not lod enough to grow his sexy love rug yet.

But seriously, I think Superman & Batman should always have hairy chests while Nightwing, Superboy & Red Robin should always be smooth. Everyone else can be accept either way.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

Clark must have been too into his thoughts to have not listened to all the sex sounds with his super hearing...

Just when I thought the text about not feeling a shower was interesting, the writer throws that scene... No way it could have happened (and not because Jimmy could not pick a girl up, I am sure he definitely can).

deja_vu said...

Sexy!! Aquaman is usually shirtless I think but he was shirtless AND wet in Aquman #13

Alfred checks Batman in shower in some issues back in Batman. I had posted that on my blog. My blog isn't specifically for shirtless hot superheroes though, unfortunately

pandesal said...

@Cesar, good point. The good ol' super-hearing should have clued him in. Also, Post Flashpoint Jimmy Olsen ia such a playa! Lol

@deja_vu, thanks for the tips, man. I love how Aquaman seems to be shirtless all the time too, specially since Ivan Reis makes him look like such a hunk!

And I didn't know about Bruce's shower scene, its about time he showed some skin in yhe New 52! I'm gonna post that soon & I'm gonna link to your blog too. :)


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