October 18, 2012

Bare-Chested Blue Beetle

I loved Young Justice's latest episode, "Before the Dawn". Not only because it was an awesome episode, but also because of some premium Blue Beetle beefcake! He's like this season's Superboy. Not even a minute into the episode and Jaime already has shirt off, probably to give the fangirls/boys some eye candy. Though the real reason for his shirtlessness was probably so that we can get a good view of the scarab fusing itself to his spine.

The first scene is a flashback showing how Jaime became BB.

We then cut to the present in which the bare-chested Jaime is a captive of the Reach.

And it's BBF Impulse to the rescue!

Saw this on Tumblr... :)
Credit to lightkanna


DAN said...

Very cute, love this animation style, and the writers apparently must be fans of beefcake as this cartoon seems to have alot! :)

pandesal said...

Yeah, the animation style and the character designs are awesome. And I kinda have the same theory about the writers/TPTB. They know what their fanbase want to see. So on behalf of all DC fangirls & gay fanboys out there, thanks for the beefcake (and cheesecake) Greg, Brandon & Co.! :)

Anonymous said...

Images 5 and 6, does anyone else want to know what happened after?

pandesal said...

The scarab covers him in Blue Beetle armor.


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