November 13, 2016

Cyclops, Bishop & Wolverine Beefcake

X-Men Vol. 2 #50 was not only a milestone issue, it was also a fanservice extravaganza! It features Cyclops in tattered boxers, shirtless Wolverine & Bishop, heck they even have Gateway & his loin-clothed shelf appear if your into that sort of thing. Not to mention the villain Post's is clothed in revealing body armor. And everyone has body hair, praise the beefcake gods! Oh, & there was also some cheesecake from a clothing damaged Storm & Jean Grey in sleep clothes but you have to look for that elsewhere.

Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman: Year One

Since the Rebirth (the DC Comics soft-reboot), Wonder Woman been giving us a lot of Steve Trevor eye candy. There are currently 2 storylines drawn by 2 artist, both of which feature a scantily clad Steve Trevor.

The young, clean-shaven Steve from the Year One story arc featured in the even number issues & drawn by Nicola Scott. From Wonder Woman #2 & #4. Many thank to Fabio for the scans.

Superman Forever Naked

Superman Forever #1 opens with the Jonathan & Martha Kent driving down a road in their pickup truck. It looks like it's gonna be another retelling of Superman's origin, his arrival on Earth as a baby, but it is revealed that this is actually in present day & the Kents find a naked Clark has crash landed.

Young Ultimate Iron Man Shirtless

A young, shirtless Tony Stark recuperates in bed from Ultimate Iron Man Vol.2 #2. 

50 Shades of Grayson

50 Shades of Grayson by Mikel Janin! Thanks to Fabio for sharing this awesome piece with us.

Hal Jordan Bondage

Time for more Green Lantern beefcake! It's bondage time clothing damaged Hal Jordan after getting beaten by Star Sapphire. From the pages of Action Comics # 604 & 605.

Arion's Shirtless Training

In Arion Lord of Atlantis #11 the titular hero trains bare-chested as he is known to do.


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