December 28, 2017

Shirtless Ultimate X-Men: Iceman & Magician

Here are some scans from Ultimate X-Men #66 which not only features a shirtless Iceman but also introduces a new character, Elliot Boggs aka Magician, a teenager who spends the entire issue (and whiole storyarc) in just his undies. Actually the Date Night storyarc features a lot of shirtless X-Men. This is just Part 1. Gonna post the other parts soon. 

October 7, 2017

Shirtless Iceman Melting

During the Operation Zero Tolerance storyline, new Sentinels are able to inhibit mutant abilities, which is bad news for Iceman but good news for us since we get a good beefcake shots of a de-iced Bobby in all his belted briefs glory. Scans from X-Men #67.

Dick Grayson in Shirtless Vampire Bondage

In Grayson Annual #3, everyone's favorite superhero turned spy has been captured by vampires who strip him to his undies & tie him up because reasons. And by reasons, I mean the fanbase love seeing Dick fanservice.

Shirtless Inferno

In the grand tradition of superheroes who loose their shirts but somehow have indestructible pants, Inferno... looses his shirt but keeps his pants on in Secret Warriors #2.

Star Lord in Bed & in the Shower

Alas, this will probably be the last Star Lord beefcake we'll see from Kris Anka in a while. The book was cancelled after six issues. Six glorious, fanservice heavy issues. Seriously, they packed a lot of Peter Quill eye candy in this thing. And for that it will always hold a special place in my heart. Scans from Star-Lord # 6.

Batman in Undies

Mikel Janin gave us some of the best Dick Grayson fanservice in years, not he's doing the same for Dick's mentor! Case in point, Bruce (and Selina) in boxer briefs in Batman #26!

Naked Avengers

What if # 34 dared to ask., What would happen if Tony Stark owned a chain of laundrymats? The answer: Naked Avengers! That's what! Thanks, Iron Man.

July 24, 2017

Nightwing Shirtless Again

In Nightwing #15, we see Dick with his latest love interest Shawn Tsang via some flashbacks with featuring their relationship. It's always nice to see some bare Dick.

Star-Lord Looses His Shirt Again.

Peter Quill suffers some clothing damage in Star-Lord #4. He's just a walking thrust trap in the hands of artist Kris Anka, ain't he?

Bare-Chested Steve Trevor

I'm really enjoying Steve Trevor's role in the Rebirth reboot. Not only is he back as Wonder Woman's love interest but serves as a fanservice machine! He just keeps loosing his clothes. in Wonder Woman #10 he takes of his shirt to use as bandage for an injured civilian, but we all know the real purpose is to serve some beefcake.

Kyle Rayner Nipslip

In Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #24 Soratik Natu learns that Sarko is her son by Kyle Rayner from the future, a fact that Kyle did not share with her. She's so pissed off about it that he brands her future baby daddy with the Sinestro Corp symbol!

Grifter, Injured & Shirtless

 Grifter serving beefcake on the cover of WildC.A.T.S Vol.1 #13.

Ben Reilly in a Towel

Here a nice little domestic scene featuring Peter Parker clone Ben Reilly aka the Scarlet Spider in a towel & No-MJ aka Janine Godbe. From Spider-Man: Redemption #3.

March 14, 2017

Shirtless Superman in Up, Up and Away

In Superman in Up, Up and Away tells the story of a de-powered Superman. It mostly focused on Clark Kent as a journalist & his quest to regain his powers. Oh and the artwork is gorgeous, bare-chested Supes looks great in it.

Shirtless Star-Lord in a Newspaper

Star-Lord seems to be the reigning king of comic book superhero beefcake, and I love it! In Star-Lord #2, he (and his damaged shirt) are on the front page of the Daily Bugle. That J. Jonah Jameson sure knows how to sell papers doesn't he? I hope his clothes are torn off of him in future issues as well.

X-Men: Evolution - Clothing Damaged Cyclops

In Day of Reckoning, Part 2, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster is destroyed but the students survive, though they are a little worse for wear. Cyclops suffers the most in terms of clothing damage with most of his chest exposed.


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