February 27, 2013

Ultimate Spider-Man & Friends on the Beach

I've decided that for this weeks updates will all feature screencaps from various superhero animated movies & series. Hope you guys like 'em!

First up, from the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Snow Day". Spidey and his teammates Nova, Power Man, Iron First & White Tiger decide to go on a little vacation on a deserted tropical island which, of course turns out to be not deserted at all. And what would a day on the beach be without a little shirtless fun?

Speciall thanks to Coonfoot for letting us know about the USM shirtlessness You can visit his awesome blogs:

*edited to correct White Tiger's name (she ain't Tigra!) and to add a screencap featuring a shirtless Thor on the cover of a romance novel. Thanks to Zach & Sid for the correction. Also edited to credit Coonfoot.

Young Bruce Wayne Working Out

That's right ladies & gentlemen. Young Bruce Wayne working out in nothing but short shorts & socks. Talk about pandering to the fangirls (and fanboys)! Screencaps from Batman: Year One.

Aqualad's Shirtless Adventures

Kaldur had quite the eventful day in these screencaps from the Young Justice: Invasion episode "Complications". He goes from pretending to have a shattered mind, to being attacked by Cheshire & going on a field trip into Artemis' mind. He eventually winds up in his loving (yet evil) father's arms. And all while looking hot & shirtless! 

Aw, my heart breaks for Black Manta. He may be an evil dude but he loves his son so much. He's like the best dad in this series.

When Roy Harper Met Roy Harper (& Cheshire)

More Young Justice caps! This time featuring the original Roy Harper, former Speedy & future Arsenal. Basically Red Arrow & Cheshire (with Baby Lian in tow! Seriously, who brings a baby to an evil ninja hide out? You guys can't get a sitter?) go on a quest to find the original Speedy and the do find him, shirtless and with an arm missing. 

Superman's Post-Death Workout (in a Speedo)

After his "death", Superman spent a lot of time recuperating at the Fortress of Solitude, working out in nothing but thigh blue briefs! These screencaps are from the first DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Superman: Doomsday which was visually very to the DC Animated universe design.

Anime Wolverine Strip Searched

Here are some caps featuring Wolverine from the first episode of  Marvel Anime: X-Men. Logan is about to board a flight to Madripoor when a female guard make him take of his shirt since he keeps setting the metal detectors off. I  must say this lady isn't very good at her job, if you'r gonna strip search someone, aren't you supposed to strip them all the way?

Also, I'm happy to report that Anime Wolvie seems to  have nipples unlike Anime Cyclops

February 19, 2013

Shirless Blue Beetle's Scarab Show & Tell

Jaime Reyes sure likes to show of his scarab doesn't he? It seems that he likes to whip it out whenever he gets the chance. Which means he is shirtless a lot, *cue fangirl squee*.

Blue continues his reign as the most bare-chested member of the team this season, a title previously held by Superboy in Season 1 (sidebar, why doesn't Conner walk around shirtless anymore? We want some Superboy-related fanservice, dammit! Thought we are very grateful for the Blue Beetle beefcake.)

These screencaps are from two very brief scene from two different episodes. The first set is from "Cornered" in which Jaime explains to Nightwing and the Justice League what the deal is with his scarab. He emphasizes the point by retracting his armor and showing it off to them.

The second set is from "Runaways" in which Blue gives his backstory to some meta-human kids. He semphasizes his point by taking of his shirt and showing of his scarab.


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