February 27, 2013

Anime Wolverine Strip Searched

Here are some caps featuring Wolverine from the first episode of  Marvel Anime: X-Men. Logan is about to board a flight to Madripoor when a female guard make him take of his shirt since he keeps setting the metal detectors off. I  must say this lady isn't very good at her job, if you'r gonna strip search someone, aren't you supposed to strip them all the way?

Also, I'm happy to report that Anime Wolvie seems to  have nipples unlike Anime Cyclops


DAN said...

Looking great, they managed to put at least some fuzz on him, and a nice character design overall, too bad content wise this series was kind of a letdown and the female characters had especially bad costumes.

Great animation update though, these cartoons are really trying for some sex appeal, which is always appreciated no matter how successful or not it ends up being!

Ken Ohki said...

Ohhh! Wolverine, you are my man! Muscle, hair and that attitude!
Come to see me whenever you want babe!

pandesal said...

@DAN, Yeah, I really appreciate the hairiness & the nipples considering that this was an anime remake. Anime Tend to have hairless, nip-less male characters.

@Ken, do you know that (a version of) Wolvie is gay now?! In X-Treme X-men which is set in an alternate reality, he's in a relationship with Hercules! I'll post caps soon.

DAN said...

Pandesal, you must post the the gay Wolvie & Herc pics, that new X-Treme X-Men series also has the awesome Dazzler in a leading role for the first time in quite awhile so I'm very excited and hope that the series will last in the long term (and lead to an omnibus of the original Dazzler series I've been hoping for)! :)

Jair said...

Great blog!!!
I was thinking I'm the only one who find hot some shirtless cartoons!

This Wolverine is amazing, love his hair and love the idea of the chest hair that almost always is missing!
Thanks for this!!


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