February 6, 2013

Marvel Boy Dances in His Undies

Young Avengers v2 #1 opens with Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye) waking up on a strange bed. We later learn that said bed belongs to Marvel Boy, who walks in after a shower, then proceeds to dance to 60's harmony girl group music in nothing but his undies. What a great way to start the new series! 

I like that there was not "slut shaming", Kate doesn't feel guilty for sleeping with a "beautiful alien boy". And I love how she's the one who doesn't know his name. Its a shame the Skrulls arrive to ruin their fun.


DAN said...

Looking good, haven't seen much of this recent Marvel Boy, but all that I have seen looks fantastic.

pandesal said...

Well, the current Marvel Boy is Noh-Varr, a Kree lad from an alternate reality. I must say I like his look, what with the white hair and the hot bod. I'm looking forward to reading about him regularly in the new Young Avengers ongoing series. I'm particularly interested in where his relationship with (girl) Hawkeye will go.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

Loving all things Kree, I was lucky enough to get Noh-Varr's series back in the day (beautiful art).

While his body is always so great looking, I cannot stop thinking of his insect genetic make up. He has COCKROACH powers! Although I wouldn't mind the first part of those powers, the "roach" traits wouldn't be so great.


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