February 6, 2013

Grifter, Gambit & Angel: Shirtless in the Silver Age

Here are some scans from WildCATS/X-Men: the Silver Age drawn by Jim Lee, It basically a team up between Grifter & Marvel Girl (Silver-Age Jean Grey for those who don't know). Grifter had some nice shirtless scenes from this book. We even got to see a couple of shirtless X-Men as a bonus!

Shirtless Grifter in bondage, with a cameo from shirtless Gambit!

Edited on 9/19/16 scans replaced.


DAN said...

Jim Lee drew some great looking folks and I have fond memories of this crossover, it's consistent that Jean harbors crushes and attractions to all the bad boys but wound up back with her safe choice Scott (while she was alive anyway). I'm glad Scott's with Emma now, whenever Jean returns inevitably she can finally be with Wolvie.

Elliott said...

Yeah well, Grifter is basically just a mash-up of Wolverine and Gambit to begins with so Jean's attraction to him makes sense.

pandesal said...

@Dan, I love the Clyclops/Jean/Wolvie dynamic but I don't think Wolvie & Jean will ever be in a relationship together if or when she resurrects (again). I wanna see her take back her man from Emma. Plus I kinda like the Wolvie/Storm ship that's apparently a thing now.

@Elliot, yeah, Image Comics characters from the 90's tend to be cheap knock offs of Marvel characters. But I think Wildstorm/DC have done a good job in developing those characters (the ones that survived).


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