February 27, 2013

Aqualad's Shirtless Adventures

Kaldur had quite the eventful day in these screencaps from the Young Justice: Invasion episode "Complications". He goes from pretending to have a shattered mind, to being attacked by Cheshire & going on a field trip into Artemis' mind. He eventually winds up in his loving (yet evil) father's arms. And all while looking hot & shirtless! 

Aw, my heart breaks for Black Manta. He may be an evil dude but he loves his son so much. He's like the best dad in this series.


DAN said...

They should have gotten Aquaman in there too and have his shirt ripped off in a fight with Manta, missed opportunity, get me in that writer's room! XD

pandesal said...

LOL, that would have been awesome, especially since the Young Justice version of Aquaman is rocking the bearded look


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