February 19, 2013

Shirless Blue Beetle's Scarab Show & Tell

Jaime Reyes sure likes to show of his scarab doesn't he? It seems that he likes to whip it out whenever he gets the chance. Which means he is shirtless a lot, *cue fangirl squee*.

Blue continues his reign as the most bare-chested member of the team this season, a title previously held by Superboy in Season 1 (sidebar, why doesn't Conner walk around shirtless anymore? We want some Superboy-related fanservice, dammit! Thought we are very grateful for the Blue Beetle beefcake.)

These screencaps are from two very brief scene from two different episodes. The first set is from "Cornered" in which Jaime explains to Nightwing and the Justice League what the deal is with his scarab. He emphasizes the point by retracting his armor and showing it off to them.

The second set is from "Runaways" in which Blue gives his backstory to some meta-human kids. He semphasizes his point by taking of his shirt and showing of his scarab.


DAN said...

Very cute, I hope they end up renewing this show it's been beautifully made. Cartoons just get no respect! :(

pandesal said...

Yeah, the animation is so pretty ain't it? Even if we do not get a third season, I hope we'll at least get Direct-to-DVD movies, spinoffs or a sequel series. This universe is just too rich to waste.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

I am so happy Jaime is getting more recognition.

Does he exist on the New 52? I have not checked anything DC after Flashpoint.

pandesal said...

Yes, Jaime had an ongoing Blue Beetle title which was unfortunately cancelled by issue #16. He now appears in a new book call Threshold.

Anonymous said...

Because of this show (And Linkara's tribute to Blue Beetle), I started picking up the back issues. You could probably fill two pages on this site with the first two issues alone


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