February 19, 2013

Aqualad Shirtless In Bed

Young Justice brings the beefcake again! I love this show so much. In "The Fix", a mind-whipped Kadur aka Aqualad spends most of the episode shirtless and in bed as Miss Martian (with a little help form Artemis/Huntress) tries to fix the damage she created in the first place.


DAN said...

Could do without the tattoos, I really just don't get the appeal of tats at all, but still a pretty and sleek animation style.

pandesal said...

DAN, In real life I agree, I don't get the point of tattoos at all, but Aqualad's ink actually have significance in-story.

Atlanteans who use sorcery all have tattoos which are usually invisible when they are not using their powers. As an example here's Queen Mera when she's not using her powers, and here she is kicking ass. Since Aqualad left the Conservatory of Sorcery before he can study advance levels of magic, he was not learned how to hide his tats.


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