April 22, 2014

Nightwing Shirtless In Son of Batman

I was dissapointed when Young Justice was cancelled before we could get a shirtless Nightwing scene. Fortunately this great injustice was remedied in Son of Batman, in which Dick has a brief shirtless scene... and the fandom rejoiced!

The Rape of Invincible


 In Invincible #110, Mark Grayson can't catch a break. In this controversial issue, not only does his long time girlfriend, Atom Eve break up with him, but he also gets beaten & raped by Anissa!

Captain America in Boxers

A+X #17 features the ongoing team up between Captain America & Cyclops. In this issue, Cap has removed his costume because it has been infected by Nan-Doombots. Any excuse to strip Steve is fine by me, but shouldn't he have removed the boxers too? The could be infected!

Loki Singing in the Shower

Time for some shameless Loki fanservice. The very first page of Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 features everyone's favorite god of mischief, singing in the shower. This newly reincarnated adult Loki seems to be more aesthetically pleasing than his former self. Tom Hiddleston impact? The fangirls will be pleased.

Thor in Bed

Many thanks to Arion for sharing with us this scan featuing an exhausted Thor lying prone in bed in his underwear. Love the exchange between him & Heimdall!

Shirtless Cyclops in Magneto's Helmet

In Astonishing X-Men #46, a shirtless Cyclops cosplays as Magneto. Ok not really. He teams up with alternate reality versions of his teammates, dons Magneto's helmet to protect himself from the telepathic Savior & manages to get his shirt burned off along the way (yay!).

Bare-Chested Black-Haired Human Torch

In Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #12, a shirtless Johnny Storm arrives home in the Parker residence arguing with his sister over the phone. Johnny had dyed his hair black and moved in with the Parkers.

Naked Hercules

Hercules gives the students of Avengers Academy a history (and anatomy) lesson in Avengers Academy #29.

Rogan Gosh

Arion shared with us these scans from Rogan Gosh which has been descriped as "Indian science fiction series" created by Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy. It was a spin off of Revolver. Looks like an interesting read!

Hawk (Hank Hall) in a Towel

In Hawk & Dove Vol. 3 #6, Hank Hall & Dawn Granger are kidnapped. Unfortunately for Hank (but fortunately for us) he was in the shower when he was teleported by the villain Barter. I love Hank, he's so hunky.

April 9, 2014

Superman Beefcake

No this is not a romance novel cover. This is the Variant cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #3.

Marvel Boy: Shirtless DJ

In Young Avengers Vol. 2, virltually all the teen superheroes of the Marvel Universe converge in a club to celebrate their victory over the forces of Mother. More importantly, Noh-Varr is serving as the DJ and true to form he his bare-chested. I gotta say I love his habitual shirtlessness. Special thanks to Arion for sharing these scans.

Shirtless Cyclops & Wolverine vs The Brood, Part 2

Here's some from Astonishing X-Men #33 which continues the story of the bare-chested Cyclops & Wolverine (and some other fully clothed X-Men, but who cares about them, right?) valiantly fighting the Brood.


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