March 30, 2009

Hot X-Men

A special thank you to Tranetrax who sent a lot of X-Men related scans, here's the first batch:

Havok looking hot with his costume torn while holding a big effing gun.

Colossus! Now available with shirt-ripping action!
Anole and Greymalkin from the future.

And as a bonus... a couple of X-butts!

Colossus in the Savage Land

Many thanks to Jharen for sending in this Russian beefcake extravaganza. During one of the X-Men's visits to the Savage Land, apparently Piotr decided to go native and wear a loincloth! He then winds up fighting a dinosaur and brushing off horny local women. Y'now, just a regular day Peteys life.

Naked Marvel Boy

Hey it's Marvel Boy floating around in the nude! Context? Who cares?! Many thanks to Tribal44 for sharing these scans from Agents of Atlas #2

Chronicles of Wormwood Sex Scenes

From the demented mind of Garth Ennis comes the Chronicles of Wormwood. Special thanks to Terry who sent in the pics and introduced me to this limited series' existence in the first place. These scans contain sexual scenes so they are in thumbnail view, just click on them to make them larger.

Green Lanterns and a Gay Boy

Vespa331 shares with us some non-Kyle Rayner Green Lantern eye candy. First We have Jon Stewart's sexy back.

Next we have Terry Berg, Kyle's young gay friend looking the mirror (for zits).

And lastly we have the uber-GL himself, Hal Jordan who's also looking in the mirror (for gray hair). My, they are a vain bunch aren't they?

Wanted: Wesley Gibson

Tim noticed that Wesley Gibson has not been featured on this site so he kindly sent in these scans featuring Wanted' leading man.

March 29, 2009

Spartan & Grunge

Time for a couple of Image-cum-Wildstorm comics beefcake, brought to you by Elliot. Here's Spartan after having sex with Voodoo (!) in the WildCATS/X-Men crossover.

And here's Grunger from the Gen13 Swimsuit Special.

March 23, 2009

Star Lord Naked in Prison

Dermie shares with us these sans featuring Star Lord naked in prison (!) from Guardians of the Galaxy #9.

Shatterstar Fighting Shirtless

Jharen presents a shirtless Shatterstar vs Ninjas! I was so bummed when plans to out Shatterstar and Rictor as gay lovers did not push through. They would have made a hot couple.

March 21, 2009

Techno Empath

Jharen shares with some scans featuring a forgotten Titans Villain called Techno Empath, wearing nothing but his undies.

Douglock Naked

Its Douglock nekkid! Nice to see that sweet techno-organic, Phalanx ass, but he seems to be missing somethin in his frontal scenes... Thanks to Jharen for these scans.


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