January 21, 2019

Superboy Takes His Shirt Off

In the Young Justice: Outsiders episode "Evolution" Brion Markov finally gets his costume so he won't be naked every time he uses his powers (boo!). Luckily he still managers to burn Superboy's shirt (yay!).

Shirtless Geo-Force

In the Young Justice: Outsiders episode "Rescue Op" Brion, Halo & Forager go on an ill advised mission to rescue Brion's sister from the League of Shadows. Needless to say they fail & get captured. The only thing Brion successed in is burning his shirt off. Thanks for the fanservice, Geo-Force!

January 14, 2019

Shirtless Superboy & Geo-Force in Underwear, Part 2

In the Young Justice: Outsiders episode "Eminent Treat" we rejoin our heroes, a shirtless Superboy & an undies wearing Prince Brion Markov (who will eventually become the superhero Geo-Force) as they are still in the clutches of Baron Bedlam & his cohorts. They eventually escape with the help of Nightwing. Brion's metahuman powers are revealed: manipulating geological forces which includes lava. Looking forward to his clothes being burned off all the time! (until he gets a proper costume).

Shirtless Superboy & Geo-Force in Underwear, Part 1

Young Justice is back! And so is shirtless Superboy! While on a covert mission Conner manager to get his shirt burned off by Plasmus.

But SB isn't the only one serving the beefcake in this episode. Prince Brion of Markovia who will eventually become the superhero Geo-Force gets stripped to his undies & placed in a tube to activate his meta gene power! So glad this show is back. Screenshots from the Young Justice: Outsiders episode "Royal We".

Hawkeye Shirtless & in Undies

In Hawkeye #2 (1983), after his shirt is melted off by acid in the previous issue, Clint just hangs around shirtless and then eventually in his undies, that is until Monkingbird finally gives him some clothes because she was so distracted by his sexiness. 

November 3, 2018

Shirtless Iceman & Pyro

X-Men Gold #32 reveals that Iceman had a one night stand with the new Pyro.

Nightwing Shirtless & Injured

Travis Moore draws one hot Dick Grayson. Look how pretty he is in the last pages of Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing vs Hush #1.

Bonus: Textless version of the panel above

Shirtless Angel

Warren Worthington III aka Angel (and later Archangel) barely wore a shirt in X-Factor #1.

Gladiator Superman Part 1

In Action Comics Vol. 1 Annual #2, Superman has to fight various warriors on Mongul's Warworld in a skimpy outfit that shows of his ass cheeks.


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