April 9, 2014

Superman Beefcake

No this is not a romance novel cover. This is the Variant cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #3.

Marvel Boy: Shirtless DJ

In Young Avengers Vol. 2, virltually all the teen superheroes of the Marvel Universe converge in a club to celebrate their victory over the forces of Mother. More importantly, Noh-Varr is serving as the DJ and true to form he his bare-chested. I gotta say I love his habitual shirtlessness. Special thanks to Arion for sharing these scans.

Shirtless Cyclops & Wolverine vs The Brood, Part 2

Here's some from Astonishing X-Men #33 which continues the story of the bare-chested Cyclops & Wolverine (and some other fully clothed X-Men, but who cares about them, right?) valiantly fighting the Brood.

Shirtless Blue Beetle

These scans from Blue Beetle #3 features the New 52's incarnation of Jaime Reyes retracting the beetle armor for the first time... in front of his family. Yeah, secret identities are for wimps.

Arion's Shirtless Training

I'd like to dedicate this post to out friend & frequent contributor, Arion of Arion's Archaic Art. These scans from Arion: Lord of Atlantis #12, which features his namesake training shirtless.

Shirtless Angel, Iceman & Red Wolf

You gotta love this lineup of the The Defenders for the 1980's. Whether it's was Angel flying around in just short shorts, Iceman walking around in his belted briefs when not in his ice form or the occasional guest appearance from the likes of Red Wolf, there was plenty of bare-chested eye candy. These scans are from Defenders Vol. 1 #139.

Shirtless Indra

The non-cropped version of X-Men (Legacy) #300's cover features a bare-chested Indra (the purple guy).

Vintage Shirtless Johnny Storm

Many thanks to Arion for sending in these scan featuring a Spidey imposter randomly running into a shirtless Johnny Storm!

March 29, 2014

Bearded Marvel Boy in Underwear

Young Avengers #11 features a bearded Noh-Varr clad only in briefs & corresponding with one of his exes. Gotta love that Jamie McKelvie art, he makes Noh (and all the other characters) look so hot. Many thanks to Arion for sharing these scans with us.

The Darkness vs Eva: Dracula's Daughter

Jackie Estacado looks scrumptious in these shirtless (and workout) scenes from the The Darkness vs Eva: Dracula's Daughter limited series. Special thanks to Dwight for these scans!


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