May 14, 2020

Shirtless Superman in Red Briefs

In Starman Vol. 1 # 28, a de-powered Superman has stripped to his famous red briefs to see if Starman can resort his power.

Savage Land Rogue & Gambit

Commission art by Len Medina featuring the infamous Savage Land Rogue... and Gambit!

Digital colored version

Copic Marker colored version

Shirtless Constantine in Underwear

Constatine appears shirtless, in bed with Zatanna in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

Shirtless Cyclops, Havok & Corsair

Three shirtless Summers men in one issue! In Tales of the Age of Apocalypse #2, Cyclops & Havok participate in a training session. Meanwhile their father, Corsair is restained for your bondage kink needs. Bonus: Shortpants wearing Mr. Sinister!

Shirtless Ronin (Hawkeye)

A shirtless Ronin aka Hawkeye aka Clint Barton appears in Mighty Avengers Vol. 1 # 29.

Apollo Clothing Damage

Apollo suffers some more clothing damage in Authority Vol. 1 #10.

The Flash Shirtless in Bed

Barry Allen injured in bed from The Flash Vol. 4 #15.

Blue Beetle Beefcake

Ted Kord changing into his Blue Beetle costume in Blue Beetle Vol. 1 #14.

May 7, 2020

Shirtless Apollo

In The Authority Vol. 1 #4, Apollo & some clones fight. Both sides suffer some serious clothing damage, lucky for us.

Shirtless Superman in Trunks

In Adventures of Superman #468, Clark enjoys some downtime at the Kent Farm. So nice to see him hang out with Ma & Pa.


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