July 8, 2014

Superman: Shirtless & Injured

In the Justice League Episode, "The Terror Beyond ,Part 1", Superman, Wonder Woman & Hawkgirl battle a massive sea-creature that actually manages to wound Superman! The trio head to Atlantis for some answers & after their meeting with Aquaman et al., Supes changes his shirt. (Couldn't you have done that before meeting the Atlantian Royal Family, Clark? Not that I'm complaining, love me some kryptonian beefcake).

Special thanks to The K for these screencaps! Please check out his awesome tumblr Bad Situation, it's about superheroes in peril!

Naked Dante in DMC: Devil May Cry

Video game post! Dante is buck naked in the very first cut scene in DmC: Devil May Cry! Gotta love that CFNM & public nudity situations here!


Shirtless Nightwing's Tearaway Costume

Teen Titans Vol 2 #5 confirms a theory of mine: Nightwing's costume is made of far weaker material that your average superhero. How else can you explain why all the other Titan's costume's stay in tact while he's suffered severe damage. Risk even gets hit point blank on his chest, and his shirt doesn't have so much as stitch out of place. Whatever the in-universe explanation is, we all know what the real reason: Fanservice! And well love it.

X-Men Orgy?

In Black Panther Vol. 4 #31, out titular hero wakes up in some strange heavenly paradise and stumble upon his wife, Storm and her fellow X-Men clad in togas, in what appears to be the beginnings of an orgy! But alas, it was all an illusion.

Venom (Flash Thompson) in Underwear

Flash Thompson, Peter Parker's bully cum best friend, is now a double amputee and is part of Project Rebirth as the host of the alien symbiotic, he is now known as the hero named Venom. Here he is in his underwear.

Shirtless Shang Chi Fighting

Avengers Vol. 5 #11 features a shirtless Shang Chi fighting a group of ninjas. He's serving up some Bruce Lee realness here.

Cannonball Kidnapped

In X-Men #64,The Kingpin has captured Cannonball and plans to inject his him with an experiential cure for the Legacy Virus. For some reason he has to be upside down with his shirt ripped, not that I'm complaining. Hooray for Sam Gurthie bondage scenarios!

What if... the Summers Family Wore Loincoths

In What If featuring X-Men Age of Apocalypse #1, the Watcher shows us a glimpse of dimension in which Legion traveled back in time & killed both Porfessor X and Magneto. Needless to say its a pretty crappysack world. Apocalypse took over but some mutants live in peace in the Savage Land. Cyclops & Jean Grey raises their son Nate in piece (and in Jungle attire) until Apocalypse forces finally catch up to them.

June 26, 2014

Kyle Rayner: Naked Green Lantern

It's been a while since we've feature Kyle Rayner on the blog. He hasn't been shirtless in The New 52 at all (at least not that I know off). Back in Green Lantern Volume 3 he was bare-chested so often, he could have given Dick Grayson himself a run for his money. So let's relive the Pre-Flashpoint Kyle Rayner eye candy with these scans from Green Lanter Vol. 3 #124, in which he spends half the issue in nothing but black briefs & the other half in naked bondage! Ah, those were the days...

Batman's Bare-Chested Workout

In Batman #23 - Zero Year,  a recently returned Bruce Wayne is back in Gotham City and brings the eye candy by working out shirtless. 


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