October 3, 2019

Shirtless Batman in the Fortress of Solitude

A shirtless & cowl-less Batman wakes up in the Fortress of Solitude. My goodness he looks so beautiful here! From Batman/Superman #2.

The Men of Fables: Shirtless Connor Wolf

Let me introduce Connor Wolf, the hot, hairy bisexual son or Show White & Bigby Wolf from Fables. He's all grown up! Scans from Ever After #4.

Legionnaires in Swimwear

In Legionnaires #7, the team vacations in an underwater park. Which means there's gonna be some beefcake & cheesecake shots coming your way!

Clothing Damaged Rogue & Gambit

The cover of Rogue & Gambit #2 depicts the first meeting of Mr. & Mrs X! So much ripped clothing, no wonder they had the hots for each other from the get go.

Batman & Catwoman in Undies

Another Batman issue? Another scene with Bruce & Selina in their underwear. Not that we're complaining. Keep 'em in their undies DC! From Batman #72.

Matrix as Shirtless Superman Part 2

Continuation of this post, a clothing-damaged Matrix has now established a mental link with the real Superman & is terrorizing Smallville. From Adventures of Superman #457.

September 1, 2019

Shirtless Unworthy Thor

Thor #1 features the first appeannce of the female Thor. It also features the OG Unworthy Thor, who is so unworthy, he's not even worthy enough to have a shirt on. Not that I'm complaining

Spider Man Rides The Subway in his Underwear

In Spider-Man PS4, the Fast Travel loading scene shows our favorite wallcrawler riding the subway to get to his destination. Here are some screencaps of the loading scenes featuring Spidey in his underoos.


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