August 6, 2020

Superman's Ripped Back Suit

Everyone goes on about Superman's iconic black suit, but do they know that it was actually all ripped up for most of the time he wore it? From Superman Vol. 2 #82.

Clothing Damaged Backlash Part 3

Gen13 #23 continues the saga of Backlash gradually loosing his clothes while fighting monsters.

Superman in Black Shorts

Superman #0 features Lois & Clark moving into their new home while wearing sportswear.

Superman in a Towel

Supes in nothing but a towel. Lois you lucky lady! Scans from Adventures of Superman #505.

Apollo Clothing Damage

Apollo looses his shirt again in The Authority #12. His costume is weaker than tissue paper, I swear.

Clothing Damaged Backlash Part 2

The Authority #3 features the second part of Backlash's backup story during the World's End crossover, in which he still gradually looses his clothes.

June 15, 2020

Superman: Shirless & Bearded

Superman spends some time shirtess in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. I must say, I both so into the shirtless clean-shaven look as well as the bearded kryptonite poisoned daddy look.


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