January 22, 2019

Shirtless Batman & Superman Exchange Costumes

Batman #37 is a fun little romp. Power couples Bruce & Selena and Lois & Clark go on a double date to the Gotham City County Fair. However, they are denied entrance since it's Superhero Night but they are not in costume. So what does our foursome do, they suit up! But with a twist, they put on each other's costumes! Hilarity (and fanservice) ensues. Selena & Lois also suit up but that not the focus of this blog, lol.

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Clothing Damage

Kyle Rayner suffers from some severe clothing damage in Green Lantern #1,000,000!

Shirtless Nightwing & Jericho Part 2 (Now with Shirtless Cyborg!)

New Titans #55 deals with the aftermath of the Who is Wonder Girl arc. Nightwing & Jericho are still shirtless, Cyborg also goes bare chested while he gets a checkup on Earth. 

This issue also deals with the aftermath of Death in the Family. Dick learns of Jason's death after their return from space. As sad as that is, I do enjoy it when Titan boys are shirtless together.

Shirtless Nightwing & Jericho Part 1

New Titans #54 is the last issue of the Who is Wonder Girl? storyarc, which features yet another retcon of Donna Troy's origin. In this arc, both Nightwing & Jericho suffer some clothing damage, becoming bare-chested in he process.

Jericho In Blue Swim Briefs Part 2

So when last we saw Jericho in Part 1, his ex-fiance, Penelope shows up out of the blue. Speaking of blue, I'm glad he didn't put more clothes on and just continued wearing that blue speedo. Scans from Teen Titans Spotlight #4.

Naked Geo-Force

Here's a fun little scene from Young Justice: Outsiders. In the episode, "Away Mission" Brion managers burn his clothes off while practicing his powers. And Halo appears to be enjoying the eye candy.

Gladiator Superman Part 2

Here's the second part of Superman's adventures as scruffy, scantily clad space gladiator. Scans from Superman Vol. 2 #32.

Jericho In Blue Swim Briefs Part 1

Ah, Jericho. Such a tragic figure in Teen Titans history. In Teen Titans Spotlight #3, he's just hanging around by the pool clad in blue speedos, minding his own business when a girl from his past, Penelope, suddenly shows up. His mother does not look pleased. More Joe Wilson beefcake in part two!

Geo-Force Flexes His Shirt Off

So apparently, Geo-Force got so buff from being a superher, hes practically busting out of his clothes. That poor taylor looks pissed. From Adventures of the Outsiders #36.

January 21, 2019

Superboy Takes His Shirt Off

In the Young Justice: Outsiders episode "Evolution" Brion Markov finally gets his costume so he won't be naked every time he uses his powers (boo!). Luckily he still managers to burn Superboy's shirt (yay!).


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