May 31, 2011

Cyclops in Bed

My favorite X-Man, in  bed! These scans from X-Men: Giant Size feature Scott waking up from a dream and chatting a but with Emma Frost. Special thanks to Brooklyn for sending in these scans.

Savage Dragon Hotness

Our old buddy Croup sent me a message asking, "Maybe your blog could use more big green hairy policemen with superpowers?" My reaction: "Oh, yes... yes it could!" He kindly sent  in scans from the first 30 (or so) issues of Savage Dragon, one of Image Comic's most iconic characters. The following scans is just the first batch, more to follow!

According to Croup:
Since Dragon is an officer of the law, his usual outfit is a police uniform. Luckily for us, EVERY fight he gets into leads to that thing getting torn to shreds. Hope those don't come out of his paycheck!


Time for some blue, bisexual beefcake! Mario shares with us these scans featuring Mikaal Tomas aka Starman! I love that he's always bare-chested nowadays. Interesting that in the first pic it says that Obsidian Returns. Perhaps we can expect a little romance between him and Mikaal! (Mario please check your email. I snet you amessage about a week ago, thanks.)

Alex Power

Power Pack scans? On this blog? But aren't they just little kids, you ask? Well, not all of them, not anymore. Alex Power has been aged up, he's sixteen year old in these scans. And like most teenage boys, it seems that the eldest Power prefers to sleep in his underwear. Special thanks to Cesar for these scans from Power Pack #2.

Wyatt Wingfoot in Short Shorts

I love that Wyatt Wingfoot is basically treated as the beefcake counterpart to She-Hulk's cheesecake. Why else would he be hanging around the Baxter Building bare-chested, in short red shorts? This dose of Native American beef from was brought to you by Dermie. And thanks to DAN as well for spotting this issue and letting us know about it. Scanned from Fantastic Four #275.

Bonus scan! Jen Walters grabs Wyatt's ass in the She-Hulk Graphic novel! (Thanks to Dermie again!)

Hawkeye Fridge

Clint Barton in his undies, in front of a fridge! As Brooklyn (who sent in these scans) said, "insert hard nipple pun here". Many thanks to Brooklyn for sending in these scans from Hawkeye & Mockingbird #6!

Edited on 9/25/16, scans replaced with better quality images with additional panels.

Sunspot Bondage

Wow, it looks like Selene is going to have her way with poor Roberto! Actually, this cover is a bit misleading, no such scene appears in the issue itself. Sunspot doesn't even have a rip on his shirt and he certainly wasn't chained up or fondled by an evil chick. False advertising! I hate it when they do that. But at least we got an awesome bondage-tastic cover out of it.

A Distant Fan Service Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of icon-uk's A Distant Soil scans, where in things get a little kinky.

According to icon-uk:
Jason is more or less kidnapped by the aliens. One particularly psychopathic one, Seren, attempts to seduce him, then drugs him and tortures him in the crystal matrix thingie. When he's released from that the medical equipment they sue to check him out is also crystal based, hence the weird look to it.

The dark haired, black-on-black eyed cutie is D'mer, a member of the Resistance within the Empire, the one dressed like a psychadelic marching band just threw up on him is Rieken. It would appear that just about everyone in the Empire is bisexual, and D'Mer and Rieken go at it like bunnies every chance they get, Reiken and Seren also have a history which is so full of boinking that Liana has to start singing "Mary had a little lamb" very VERY loudly so she doesn't accidentally pick up on their memories of each other.

Iceman Hallucinating

Scans fromthe 3rd issue off Iceman's 1985 miniseries, in which Bobby dream or hallucinates about a bunch of trippy stuff as he falls into a dark hole. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love this old costume of his! Whenever he's depowered he's basically just wearing belted briefs.

May 23, 2011

Ex-Robins After Showers

Two former Robins, fresh off the showers! First we have the retroactively red-headed Jason Todd llooking mighty fine as he's leaving the prison showers in nothing but a towel in Batman & Robin #23. Special thanks to Meicdon13 for sharing this awesome scan with us.

An now the hunk wonder himself from Batgirl #11, in which a Barbara Gordon wakes up to the sight of a shirtless Dick Grayson. Well, actually, this isn't Dick at all, this is all happening in Barbara Gordon's head. If I was trapped in a make believe too, it would totally have a shirtless Dick in it.

Ant-Man's Public Nudity

I love public nudity scenarios. And it doesn't get more public that it did in The Ultimates #2 in which a giant-sized naked Hank Pym gets his picture taken and endsup in the front page of The Daily Bugle. Too bad they blurred out his Giant-Sized Man-Thing! These scans were brought to you by our old buddy Croup! Visit his awesome stash here (nsfw).

According to Croup:

Hank Pym, aka Ant Man is forced to use his size-altering powers to save a teammate. However, there's one little problem . . . while his costume is specially made to allow for expansion, he's not wearing it at the moment. His civilian clothes burst under the strain, and before he can cover up an over-eager reporter has snapped a photo. Next morning, guess whose butt made the front page of the Daily Bugle? (never say Jonah Jameson doesn't know how to sell a paper!)

A Distant Fan Service

icon-uk knew that I've been looking for Coleen Doran's A Distant Soil scans for a while now, so he very kindly sent in these scans from A Distant Soil: Immigrant Song. Since my knowledge of this series is very limited, I'll let icon-uk fill you in on what's what:
The story is a long and complex space opera one, involving a very decadent alien empire, a couple of human kids who may not be as human as they think, and more fluffy, beautifully conditioned 80's hair than you'll find in anything short of a Shingo Arkai anime.

The blond twink is Jason Scott, who along with his sister Liana have discovered they have some quite remarkable abilities... she appears to be an Avatar, a supremely powerful telepath who has the potential to hold the Empire together, and Jason is a "Disruptor", who does the opposite, and who can kill the aliens with a mere touch, though he can't control or trigger it yet. These are down to the fact that they are unknowingly the children of one of the aliens.

More scans to follow...

Avengers in Undies

Hercules is one of those (awesome) characters who are always shirtless. He's served up so much beefcake that I kind of take it for granted that he's shirtless all the time. I've gotten used to seeing his hairy chest. So how can an frequently bare-chested character recapture my interest? By lounging around in nothing but a black speedo! Many thanks to uber Avengers fan, Dermie for sharing these scans from Hercules #1.

And here's some really old school scans from Avengers #20, featuring the superhero/villain Swordsman. These old timey scans were also sent in by Dermie.


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