May 31, 2011

Savage Dragon Hotness

Our old buddy Croup sent me a message asking, "Maybe your blog could use more big green hairy policemen with superpowers?" My reaction: "Oh, yes... yes it could!" He kindly sent  in scans from the first 30 (or so) issues of Savage Dragon, one of Image Comic's most iconic characters. The following scans is just the first batch, more to follow!

According to Croup:
Since Dragon is an officer of the law, his usual outfit is a police uniform. Luckily for us, EVERY fight he gets into leads to that thing getting torn to shreds. Hope those don't come out of his paycheck!


DAN said...

I've always found Dragon sexier than the Hulk when it comes to big green muscle guys, maybe it's because Dragon's head is less square, he has that cool permanent "faux-hawk" do, and has a nice amount of body hair too. :)

pandesal said...

Oh, the body hair definitely gives Dragon an edge over The Hulk in my book!


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