May 31, 2011

Alex Power

Power Pack scans? On this blog? But aren't they just little kids, you ask? Well, not all of them, not anymore. Alex Power has been aged up, he's sixteen year old in these scans. And like most teenage boys, it seems that the eldest Power prefers to sleep in his underwear. Special thanks to Cesar for these scans from Power Pack #2.


DANNY said...

I'm very confused by Alex Powers. In the latest issues of FF, Alex Power is depicted as a 16 year old and in 2008's Runaways Julie Power was depicted as being in her early twenties but in the original Power Pack series Alex was older than Julie.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

No, at present, Alex was supposed to be nineteen. When he got into (still named) Fantastic Four, that was his age.

Julie was sixteen during Runaways, just barely old to pursue her dreams of being a star in Hollywood.

BTW, these pics were drawn by Colleen Doran.

DAN said...

"DANNY," hmm? Sounds like that anonymous troll person is back to being a jackass yet again while desperately trying to skirt IP Ban-worthiness.

By the way, since my last comment featuring this was deleted due to harsh language let me state this again, my name IS actually DAN, short for DANIEL, and it's even in capital letters on my birth certificate.

So, please use YOUR actual name or make a UNIQUE alias for yourself when posting, okay, and don't start complaining you're being picked on when you clearly intend to keep trying to be aggressively annoying toward me. I mean seriously, how old are you, like 13? Grow up, you're not the least bit cute or clever, you're just screaming to get banned basically.

pandesal said...

@Cesar, Thanks for the explanation about Alex's current age. So this was drawn by Colleen Doran? That EXPLAINS the shirtlessness. XD

@DAN, try using openID. It will make your life so much easier. If you have a gmail, yahoo, live journal or some other popular account, chances are you already have openID.

DAN said...

I would, but OpenID doesn't even list yahoo to sign in with. Anyway this troll will eventually have to be banned as they really have demonstrated time and again they're just bitterly sarcastic and nasty. The point of the post by "DANNY" here was not really to talk about Alex Power, but was aimed to give the internet equivalent of the middle finger to both myself & you, Pandesal, as you had warned them about using other posters' names. So they used my name AGAIN, then just added an extra "NY" to the end of it so they couldn't be banned based on a technicality. Just watch, they'll probably start name calling and being generally unpleasant again any time now.

Arion said...

Kudos to Colleen Doran ! She really knows what she's doing.
And yes, I want more Power Pack.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

After seeing her other works in this page, I don't like the inks or colors here that much.

I wonder how this would look if her other inker and colorist had collaborated.


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