Hawkeye/Ronin & Hercules

Oh my! the cover art for The Mighty Avengers #30 was full of fan service. Not only did we get a shirtless Hercules (which we're pretty much used to, since he's always gloriously shirtless), but we also got a bare-chested Clint Barton as well! Though I thought it was weird that Clint was wearing the bottom half of his Hawkeye costume on the cover when he was using his Ronin identity & costume at the time. Not that I'm complaining, Clint Barton beefcake is always good beefcake!


simon said…
More Hawkeye Pandesal! You're spoiling us! I wish Clint would go back to wearing the 'not very much on' Hawkeye costume from WAY back:)
Doesn't he look great in this cover? I agree that he should go back to wearing the old school Hawkeye costume(s). Better still, he could wear something similar to his old Goliath costume!
DAN said…
Wow! Shirtless should be his regular costume, oh wait, I say that about ALL hero guys! :)
simon said…
Clint looks good on ANY cover:) The 'Steve Reeves' Hawkeye costume must be in line for a comeback now! Talk about nice and skimpy!
@DAN, I say that about all guy heroes too, but in Clint's case I mean it more. I dunno why, but I find him sexier that the average hero.

@simon, do you mean the man-skirt costume? I'd love for that to come back too!
simon said…
Yep, that's the one i mean Pandesal! Why that one was used for only a couple of issues i don't know! I want a Hawkeye ongoing series! Can picture it now- Clint captured by the Wolverine baddies Geist & Carver:)