February 20, 2017

Star Lord Beefcake

When I learned that Kris Anka will be penciling the new Star-Lord book I was excited because he & Chip Zdarsky kept hinting that they will be delivering the heavy slices of beefcake in this volume and boy they did NOT disappoint.

In Star-Lord #1 we begin with a casually bare-chested Peter Quill & end with a clothing damaged Star Lord.

Shirtless Green Arrow

Thanks to DC's Rebirth Oliver Queen has a goatee again! And all is right in the universe. In Green Arrow #8, Ollie & Black Canary return to the island where his journey began. Nice to see an iconic superhero couple together again. Also nice to see GA sans shirt.

Naked Steve Trevor

In Smallville Season 11 #61, Wonder Woman meets her childhood friend and "secret boy" Steve Trevor for the first time in years. He's basically naked, wearing only a towel... which falls off! Its a shame we only see silhouettes in the panel. At least the good sis Diana got a good look at him.

Midnighter & Apollo Have Sex

The titular heroes getting it on in Midnighter & Apollo #1."nuff said!

Starman: Shirtless & Naked

Starman Vol. 1 #1 features Will Payton being casually bare-chested during a visit with his sister & mother, with a little CFNM thrown in as he gets out of the shower.

Ant-Man in a Towel

IN Marvel Team Up #103, Scott Lang had to ditch his Ant-Man costume quickly after his daughter's unexpected. He looks good in a skimpy towel.

Shirtless Bruce Banner Bondage

In Iron Man #132, Bruce Banner is as desperate as ever to try to find a cure that will stop him from turning into a giant green rage monster. Shirtless & bound in Stark International, he still acts like the Hulk even in his Banner form!


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