February 26, 2019

Batman in Black Boxer Briefs

Batman #41, Bruce spends the whole issue in nothing but his undies while Selena in just a sheet. Oh & there's some plot about how Poison Ivy controls the minds of everyone in the world except for these two, but I'm just here for the beefcake really. Bless this creative team (Tom King & Mikel Janin) for always bringing the fanservice!

X-Man's Ripped Costume

In X-Man #55, Nate Grey spends some quality time with his parents Cyclops & Jean Grey (he's from another dimension, long story) when they are attacked by a couple of aliens. A battle ensues, in which Nate's costume is damage.

Shirtless Spider-Man in the Bedroom

In Amazing Spider-Man #398 a shirtless Peter Parker learns that Mary Jane is pregnant with his child. Sadly, we all known that a baby (in the main Earth-616) was not to be since it seems that the Fantastic Four characters are the only once allowed to reproduce in that dimesion.

Young Justice: Outisiders - Shirtless Cyborg

In edisode "Another Freak", we finally get the Young Justice version of Cyborg's origin. And since this is Young Justice: Outsiders we are talking about it involves Apocalyptan technology & shirtlessness.

Shirtless Superman Farming

In Superman Vol. 2 #30, does some shirtless farming in outer space.

February 19, 2019

Young Justice: Invasion - Superboy in Underwear

Shirtless Superboy is the best kind of Superboy! In the Young Justice: Invasion episode "Exceptional Human Beings" we get a brief scene with Conner stretching in his underwear.

Shirless Inferno in Bed

In Secret Warriors#10, Miss Marvel is heartbroken when she finds a shirtless Inferno & Quack in his room.

Nightwing's Ripped Shirt

In New Titans #86 Nightwing vs Deathstroke. The real loser: Dick's shirt. The real winner: us!

Superboy Clothing Damage

Young Justice: Invasion manages to bless us with another shirtless Superboy scene! In "Nightmare Monkeys" Supercycle & Cyborg almost blasts his shirt off.

Casually Shirtless Nightwing

In New Titans #71, Dick Grayson spends the whole issue in varying decrees of undress, in the shower, in pajamas& in workout clothes.

Bare-Chested Green Arrow

 Ollie spends the opening pages of Green Arrow Vol. 7 #17 bare-chested.


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