May 28, 2014

Sexy Dick Grayson Selfie

Holy Fanservice Batman! Phil Jimenez recently tweeted this pic featuring a shirtless Dick Grayson taking a selfie. It apparently is going to be a variant cover for Grayson #2! Can't wait!

Shirtless Superman is Doomed

In the on going Doomed storyarc, after defeating Doomsday, Superman gets infected by spores which are slowly turning him to the new Doomsday. This full-page scan is from Superman/Wonder Woman #8, in which Supes turns back to his normally hot self.

Ultimate Human Torch Shirtless in a Hospital

The following scans are from Ultimate Fantastic Four #3 in which a shirtless Johnny Storm wakes up in a hospital & accidentally uses his powers for the first time.

Shirtless Gambit Flashback

In X-Men Legacy #229, Gambit has a flashback to that them when he thought it was a good idea to voluntarily turn into Apocalypse's horseman, Death. Bad move, Cajun!

Shirtless Animated Angel

In the Wolverine & the X-Men episode "Guardian Angel", we get some shirtless scenes featuring Angel in the hospital after he gets injured and in the X-Mansion after he looses his wings. Poor Warren.

The Further Shirtless Adventures of Alix & Enak

Here are some more covers from The Adventures of Alix, a French comic series which follows the adventures of Alix (duh) & his best friend, Enak in ancient Rome. These boys are shirtless a lot. If I had to post all their shirtless scenes I'd probably have to scan 80% of the series. I recently found some nudes featuring these characters. I'm thinking of posting them here too.

Doctor Strange in Briefs

Who says that the Scarlett Witch has a monopoly as Marvel's only crazy mystical hero? In Thunderbolts Annual #1 (2014), the sorcerer supreme himself, Doctor Strange goes mental, wearing the Cloak of Levitation, the Eye of Agomotto, his briefs & nothing else. Maybe he's trying to upstage Wanda's romani costume.

May 14, 2014

Gambit Uncut: The Ragin' Cajun's Full Frontal Nudity (NSFW)

So remember that cover for All New X-Factor #9 that I posted a week ago. Well, apparently there is a draft of it that the artist Kris Anka posted on tumblr showing ol' Gumbo naked, cajun sausage and all! I love it! The Gambit fangirls (and fanboys) minds were probably blown when this was posted. I know mine was! No I want to see it inked & colored!

Sexy Winter Soldier (and Black Widow!)

Time for some Winter Soldier beefcake! With bonus Black Widow cheesecake to boot! In these scans from Captain America Vol. 5 #43, a bare chested Bucky & a naked (except for a blanket) Natalia (Natasha), discuss Bucky's angst.

Shirtless Falcon

I just noticed that this blog lacks Falcon posts. Time to remedy that!

In Captain America Vol. 5 #29, The Falcon & Agent 13 infiltrate A.I.M., Sam's costume is set on fire forcing him to rip it off. And since this is a comic book, only the top half of his costume is burned because... Magic Pants! Must be made of the same material as the Hulk's trousers.

Captain America Reborn Origin

To celebrate the awesomeness that is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I will be posting some scans featuring Cap, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier! First we have the big man himself. There scans from Captain America Reborn #2, which features (yet another) retelling of Captain America's origin.

Naked Hawkeye

Time of some gratuitous Hakweye nudity. In Hawkeye Vol. #3, Clint hooks up with a woman named Cherry, who's on the run from the Mafia. We get to see some naked Clint but any frontal are either strategically obscured or in one panel censored by a Hawkeye mask! The Comics Code Authority strikes again! Many thanks to Arion for the initial scans.

John Carter & Carthoris Beefcake

Here are John Carter & his son Carhoris on the cover of Warlord of Mars #15! 

Shirless Superboy (Jon Lane Kent)

I haven't been following the Superboy on-going series but it seems that our beloved Kon-El aka Conner Kent is dead & the title now stars a new Superboy, Jon Lane Kent, the villanous future son of Clark Kent & Lois Lane. Ascetically the look the same though, he even wears the same costume. There are scans from Superboy #30. 

Naked Lex Luthor

In these screencaps from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, a heroic Lex Luthor from an alternate Earth is taken into Police custody and waits around naked until the Justice League shows up, because why not?

May 7, 2014

Gambit in Bed

The cover for All New X-Factor #9 features the Ragin' Cajun himself in bed with a mystery woman. Got to love that quote! "My superpower? I'm irresistible to women."

Shirtless Cyclops in Magneto's Helmet, Part 2

In these scans from Astonishing X-Men #47, a bare chested, Magneto-helmeted Cyclops continues his adventures with his ban of alternate reality X-Men.


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