March 8, 2018

Winter Soldier's Shirtless Disguise

In Captain America Vol. 8 #25, Namor reveals an ace up his sleeve against Steve Rogers. Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes, who was presumed dead is actually hiding shirtlessly in plain sight.

Nightwing: Stripper

In order to infiltrate the Judge's hideout, Nightwing uses his... assets to pose as a male stripper. Nice to see this book is back on brand with the Dick Grayson fanservice! From Nightwing #38.

Batman in Undies Part 2

So over the course of several issues, an under dressed Bruce Wayne recounts his encounters with the Riddler to the similarly dressed Selena Kyle. Here's part 2 of that saga from Batman Vol. 3 #28 & 31. More parts coming soon.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Rips His Costume Off

Hal Jordan shows us his nipples on the cover of Green Lantern/Green Arrow #11.

Shirtless Hawkeye in Bed

A bare-chested Hawkeye wakes up from a nightmare in Hawkeye and Mockingbird #6.

Iceman, Havok & Ka-Zar Shirtless

In X-Men: The Hidden Years #2, we get a bare-chested, de-iced Iceman in some love triangle drama with Havok & Polaris. We also get a couple of shirtless Havok & Ka-Zar flashbacks.


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