September 27, 2010

The Eagles of Rome Book 2, Part 1

Here we have the first part of my 2-part post featuring The Eagles of Rome Book 2, now with more frontal nudity, sex and decadent orgies! NSFW (duh!)

Shirtless Clark Kent vs Conduit

Superman wakes up in a fake Smallville, a recreation of the villain Conduit aka Kenny Braverman, whose had a grudge on the man of steel since their youth. In the end, Supes strips off his shirt to symbolize that he will be fighting as Clark Kent, not as Superman. Hmm, any excuse to get his shirt off is fine by me. From Action Comics #711.

Jericho & Deathstroke

Father and son beefcake? Thankfully they're not together, the first first scan features Joe Wilson aka Jericho working out in purple briefs in New Titans #87.

And next we have Slade Wilson aka Deathstoke the Terminator hanging out on a beach. From New Titans #70.

September 22, 2010

The Eagles of Rome Book 1, Part 2

As per request, here are the rest of the scans from The Eagles of Rome Book 1, these depict adult situations (sex) and could be considered NSFW. Warning: boobies!

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Origin

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #01 has a couple of panels that feature a flashback to Captain America's origin.

The issue also reprints the original origin story:

edit: broken links fixed.

September 21, 2010

Three Former Robins

Three Batboys in one post! Here are some scans that feature three former Robins. I didn't include the current Robin, Damian Wayne because he's too you, that'd just be creepy.

First up, we have the original Robin, Dick Grayson aka Nigthwing from New Titans #87, his costume got torn up because of a fight with Deathstroke in the previous issue.

Edited on 1/22/19. Images replaced with better quality 

Next, the angsty and shirtless Tim Drake in Red Robin #01.

And lastly, Jason Todd aka Red Hood, on the cover of his own limited series, Red Hood: The Lost Days #03.

September 20, 2010

The Eagles of Rome

I was trying to decide whether to post these scans since they aren't from a superhero comic book, but what the hell, they're is so damn pretty, i had to post 'em! (Plus, I've already posted non-superhero stuff before).

These are from The Eagles of Rome Book I, an Italian graphic novel by Enrico Marini. It's about the friendship of a young roman emperor-to-be and a young barbarian. These scans feature some shirtless combat training sequences, in the rest of the book (especially Book II), the nudity is much more... adult. Still trying to decide if i should post them. What do you think?

Batman Sleeps Naked

These scans are from Detective Comics #598, the beginning of the Blind Justice storyarc, written by Denys Cowan (who wrote the 1989 Batman movie). There's a few casual Bruce Wayne nudity in this story. In this issue, we learn that Bruce sleeps naked.

Sabertooth in the Danger Room

Jharen sent in these scans featuring from Sabertooth frolicking around the Danger Room in nothing but briefs. Dunno which issue this is from, unfortunately.

Ultimate Human Torch Bondage

Johnny Storm is one of my favorite characters so it's always a treat whenever I find shirtless scans of him. In Ultimate Fantastic Four: Requiem, Dormammu has captured the Human Torch channeled his power to attack New York City.

Working out with Robin & Huntress

Time for some Dick Grayson beefcake. Silver Age, Earth-One Dick Grayson beefcake to be exact. In this reality he didn't become Nightwing, he was Robin well into adulthood. These scans are from Wonder Woman #285. Dick is visiting his adopted sister, Helena Wayne aka the Huntress in Gotham City. The bat-siblings discuss the case their working on while working out, complete with skimpy outfits and unresolved sexual tension...

The Origin of Colossal Boy

Another Colossal Boy post! Here are scans from Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #39, which (finally) recount's Colossal Boy's origin story . Hooray for see-through space suits!


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