June 3, 2016

Batman in Bat-Underwear!

Holy beefcake, Batman! I want to thank artist Mikel Janin for his generosity in sharing this awesome fanservice on twitter.

Star Lord Fanservice

Here are some awesome Star Lord fanservice (and Peter & Kitty cuteness). From the pages of Star Lord #6. I loved that he spent most of this issue shirtless!

Winter Soldier by Kris Anka

Kris Anka draws a hot Winter Soldier. So it's no surprise that people keep commissioning him to draw Bucky shirtless! Enjoy.

Teen Titans Shirtless

In Teen Titans #12, the team is transported to some simulation room that scans them, giving us a quick glance at their innards (ew), but at least we got some shirtless Superboy out of it. And is that a hint of chest hair on Tim?

The simulation room also gives us a couple more shirtless Kon moments. Plus some Bart Allen abs.

Bare-Chested Human Torch

In Fantastic Four # 277. The Thing has just come back from an extended stay in outerspace and goes to his girlfriend Alicia's apartment, to find a  shirtless Johnny Storm. Awkward!

Leaner & Sexier Lobo

On of the things I liked in The New 52 is the leaner & sexier Lobo! They dialed up the fanservice for this one, what with the frequent shirtlessness & the (inconsistently drawn) glowing nipples. Scans from Lobo Annual #1.

Deathstroke & Jericho Beefcake

In Deathstroke #2, not only do we get beefcake panels featuring a newly de-aged Slade Wilson in a loincloth, but we also got his son, Joey aka Jericho in the nude!

Harley Quinn's Valentine's Day Beefcake

More of Harley's adventures in Beefcake from the pages of Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special. Special thanks to Miguel for these scans.

Shirtless Northstar

Astonishing X-Men #51 feature's the first gay wedding in mainstream comics. But more relevant to this site, it also features a bare-chested Northstar!

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Clothing Damage

Hal Jordan suffers from some clothing Damage in the pages of Action Comics #631.


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