May 21, 2008

Kid Amazo

Special thanks to Tim, who sent in these 15 scans (that's right 15!) featuring Kid Amazo from JLA Classified #38-39. I know nothing about this character except that he's a cyborg and that he's super cute.

Atlas' Naked Rampage

Get X brings us some gigantic Avengers beefcake. Altas looses his cool (and his clothes) and beats the crap out of Captain Marvel.

Naked Hercules

Marvel's Greek god gets his clothes burned off. These scans are courtesy of Jimmy. You can visit his blogs here and here.

Clock King

Her royal fabulousness, the Princess Selina Desire sent in these scans featuring a shirtless Clock King, getting some action.

Ultimate Symbiotes

Jharen shares with us some more symbiote related nakedness from the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man.

I'm not really sure, but I believe this scan features a Richard Parker clone (Peter's Dad) or it could be Carnage.

And here's the Ultimate universe's version of Eddie Brock aka Venom

Magneto & Sabertooth

Time for some X-Men villain hotness brought to you by Jharen.

The first scan features a young Magneto, using his powers for the first time.

And here are a couple more featuring the Exiles' Sabertooth. This actually a good guy, nothing his Earth-616 counterpart.

May 1, 2008

Venom Exposed

Special thanks to Get X who shares with us some Eddie Brock beefcake from Amazing Spider-Man #300.

According to him:
In the very 1st ever Venom story, Spider-Man battles against Venom using a sonic blaster he borrowed from the Fantastic Four. Being vulnerable to sound, the alien symbiote unravels violently, exposing our underdressed Eddie Brock.

Flash's Experimental Shower

Since the last scans featuring Wally West in the shower proved to be so popular, Jharen shares with us these scans featuring everyone's favorite fire crotch showering in public. Context? He lost his powers and is trying to get them back by recreating the chemical accident that turned him into a speedster in the first place.

More experiments.

And a bonus shirtless scan.

Nemesis Hits the Showers

Princess Selina Desire shares with us some scans from Wonder Woman v3 19, featuring Diana's current potential love interest, Nemesis in a co-ed shower room.

Guy Gardner Naked

Guy Gardner looks so hot in this scan from Birds of Prey #10! This scan was brought to you by Tribal44.

EDIT: Apparently this is not the real Guy but a clone. Thanks for the correction SallyP, I defer to you knowledge of all things Green Lantern, oh moderation of Green Lantern Butt Forever.

Topless Batgirl

Here's Batgirl. That's right Batgirl, topless. This is our first (and probably last) cheesecake post. Special thanks to Tina for sharing this with us.

Bath Time for Wildcat

Brian, Creator of So Super Duper sent in these lovely scans featuring Wildcat in the bath! Love the rubber ducky.

Naked Green Arrow (Again)

Time for some gratuitous Ollie nudity! My thanks to Elliot for sharing these with us!

According to him:
Okay, here's Ollie's (Green Arrow) butt and...penis? I'm sure if you look close enough and squint you can make out his dick. I'm sure. Yup, there it is. Long and thin


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