June 26, 2009

Superboy in a Tube

Marcus shares with us these scans featuring everybody's favorite super-clone Conner Kent, in a tube! With his "dad" Lex Luthor watching over him.

Superman Meditating

Superman fangirl extraordinaire jen-in-japan sent in this scan featuring the Man of Steel himself from Action Comics # 728.

The Flashes & Green Lanterns Go Camping

Here are two generations of beefcake! Allan Scott (the Original Green Lantern) and Jay Garrick (the first Flash) were feeling a bit paternal and took their younger counterparts Hal Jordan and Barry Allen on a camping trip to a distant planet. Here are the boys preparing to sleep in their huge ass tent. *Sigh* I miss Barry Allen. Scanned form Flash & Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold #3 (miniseries).

Red Arrow & Static

Here are a couple of scans featuring two generations of Titans courtesy of Terry.

First up, we have Roy Harper aka Red Arrow, fighting crime bare-chested.

Next: Naked Static!

And as a bonus, Tribal44 also sent in this gratuitous Nightwing butt shot from Secret Six #9.

Weapon X: Hunger

Get X sent in these scan from Weapon X: Hunger. And since it is a miniseries about Weapon X, Wolverine must appear naked!

Magneto in a Loincloth

The Mutant Master of Magnetism in a loincloth! 'Nuff said! Scans courtesy of Cyke.

Nate Grey & The Fantastic Four

A naked Nate Grey being examined by Reed Richards and then showering with Johnny "Human Touch" Storm and The Thing? Its the stuff of slash fic legend! But it actually happened in continuity, as these scans show. These scan were brought to you by Jharen.

Naked Luke Cage

Elliot shares with us these scan featuring a naked Richard Corben's "ghetto" Luke Cage getting out of bed in front of a lady!

Hercules & Amadeus Cho

Tribal44 sent in these scans featuring Marvel's perpetually shirtless Hercules.

Here he is bathing with Amadeus Cho in Atlantic City.

With his wife Hebe, goddess of youth and Hera's daughter.

Guys of Wonder Woman

Diana is not the only one who prances around in skimpy outfits. Here are the men of Wonder Woman. These scans were brought to you by Tim.



And of course, Nemesis

Animated Warlord

Derek in DC shares with us these screencaps featuring Travis Morgan aka The Warlord from an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

Jimmy Olsen Mega-Post

Tim has hit the motherload of Jimmy Olsen shirtless scans! He sent in these scans featuring "Superman's Pal" from the Countdown maxi-series.

Naked Wyre

Get X shares with us these scans from Alpha Flight #117-120, featuing a shirtless and (later) naked Wyre.


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