December 31, 2007

Aquaman's Ripped Costume

Aquaman's costume gets ripped in the middle of a fight. I love it when that happens! I got these scans from an awesome Yahoo group called Comic Book Muscle, moderated by Tarquinn. These scnas were posted by Libraphil.

Cyborg... No More?

The New Teen Titan's Cyborg becomes completely human in New Teen Titans #57. Aw, he looks so happy

December 30, 2007

The Men of Authority

The Authority is a unique comic book because it doesn't have one, but two gay characters. And those two characters are in a relationship with each other.

Paul shares with us these awesome scans (thanks, Paul!):

From The Authority V2 #1, Apollo and The Midnighter in bed! I wish they'd convince Jack Hawksmoor to participate in a threesome.

The next couple of scans are of The Midnighter being captured and stripped on two different occasions . Even the villains prefer him naked! These scans are from The Authority V2 #8 and The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin.

Daredevil Injured

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil gets shot and just happens to go to a hospital where (future X-Man) Dr. Cecilia Reyes works. The closeted-mutant doctor treats the blind superhero.

December 29, 2007

Obisidian & Boyfriend

It's the scene I've been waiting for since I started collecting comics. Two gay men in a loving relationship lounging around in bed. And there's nothing sleazy or comical about it!

These scans are from Manhunter # 19 (current series) featuring gay hero (and former villain) Obsidian aka Todd Rice (the brunette), and his boyfriend Damon Matthews (the blonde). Special thanks to Paul for sharing these awesome scans with us.

Edited on 01/04/18. Images replaced with better quality scans.


Avengers fan extraordinaire, Dermie share with an Avengers related peace of beefcake.

According to him:
This scan is from AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE ANNUAL #1. It is a flashback to
how Hardball got his powers.

December 28, 2007

The New Guardian

Dermie shares with us these scans featuring Omega Flight's hot new Guardian (Michael Pointer). Scans from Marvel Comics Presents #4. Thanks for sharing!

Iceman in X-Men #179

The X-Men's bizarre love triangle. Bobby and Havok argue about Polaris (not pictured). Scanned from X-men #179.

December 27, 2007

Cyclops & Wolverine

Cyke and Wolvie from X-Men: Phoenix Endsong #2. These scans were drawn traced by Greg Land.

Dick Grayson, Male Model

During Bruce Jones' (thankfully) short run on Nightwing, he turned Dick into a male model. Makes sense right? His fanbase should be really happy, right? Well unfortunately this change in vocation also meant that he apparently also got the IQ of the average male model. Scans from Nightwing #119.

Here's a bonus scan from Nightwing #138 that confirms what I've always suspected. Nightwing uses his ass to distract his enemies:

December 26, 2007

Havok in the Outback

Havok and Dazzler are jogging in the outback, minding their own business, when they are suddenly attacked. Alex looks hot in his short shorts! Scans from Uncanny X-Men #248.

December 25, 2007

New Teen Titans Poolside

One of the reasons I love the Titans more that the JLA is that they had an indoor pool! And they used it quite often, giving us a lot of eye candy.

Here's an excerpt from an interview between Judd Winick and New Teen Titans Creator (and all around awesome artist) George Perez:

PÉREZ: Dick always had great legs. I always believed in putting in a fair amount of beefcake with the cheesecake. [Laughs]

WINICK: No kidding! Did you guys ever do a count on how many swimming pool scenes you did?

PÉREZ: Oh gosh, once we had that pool we had to use it! [Laughs] When I met my current wife around then, she was in the fashion [industry], so I had to keep up on proper bikini styles and things like that.

Thanks for all the eye candy, George! (BTW, the following scans were not drawn by Mr. Perez).

Booster Gold's Hot Ancestor

In Booster Gold V2 #3, Booster visits his ancestor who lives in the present day. It seems said ancestor loves to hang around in his boxers. Scans courtesy of Eric of Just Beautiful Men.

Iron Man vs Prototype

Our resident Avengers fan Dermie sent in the following scans:

According to him:
Here are some scans from AVENGERS/ULTRAFORCE #1. Loki and the Grandmaster arrange a battle between these two hero teams from alternate universes as part of some cosmic game between them. There is a twist in the fight between the two armored heroes, Iron Man and Prototype--the two heroes are stripped of their armors!

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor naked. Image courtesy of Jimmy, you can visit his blogs here and here.

December 24, 2007

Batman Adventures

From Batman Adventures Vol 2 #8, Dr. Leslie Thompkins treats Bruce Wayne's injuries. Scans coutesy of Vespa331.


Angel, Spike and Buffy in a bondage themed threesome? Sounds like something a fanfic author would dream up, right? But no my friends, this comes from the mind of Joss Whedon himself! Canonical kinkiness!

In Buffy the Vampire Slaver: Season 8 #3, Buffy dreams about being in the middle of an Angel and Spike sandwich. I love the fact that Nurse Buffy is fully clothed while the boys are naked. What would Boreanaz and Marsters say? Many thanks to Dermie for sharing this with us!

December 23, 2007

Shirtless Super-MEN 2

I meant to post this sooner. This is the second part of the Superman/Superboy shirtless extravaganza (third if you count the issue where Conner was the only one shirtless) . This dose of Super-Beefcake came from Action Comics #618 .

Iceman Injured

An injured Iceman gets some medical attention in Uncanny X-Men #312.

December 21, 2007

Wolverine Naked (again)

Wolvie sure likes to expose his hairy little ass doesn't he? Special thanks to Princess Selina Desire for sharing these scans with us.

Star Wars Hunk: Janek Sunber

Some more beefcake from a galaxy far, far away... From Star Wars: Rebellion #1, Janek "Tank" Sunber, Luke's childhood friend and an undercover imperial officer.


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