December 25, 2007

New Teen Titans Poolside

One of the reasons I love the Titans more that the JLA is that they had an indoor pool! And they used it quite often, giving us a lot of eye candy.

Here's an excerpt from an interview between Judd Winick and New Teen Titans Creator (and all around awesome artist) George Perez:

PÉREZ: Dick always had great legs. I always believed in putting in a fair amount of beefcake with the cheesecake. [Laughs]

WINICK: No kidding! Did you guys ever do a count on how many swimming pool scenes you did?

PÉREZ: Oh gosh, once we had that pool we had to use it! [Laughs] When I met my current wife around then, she was in the fashion [industry], so I had to keep up on proper bikini styles and things like that.

Thanks for all the eye candy, George! (BTW, the following scans were not drawn by Mr. Perez).


ROBERT.M said...

GREAT PICS TEEN TITANS ,Ilove classic titans ,that's whenT&T WAS cool comic.

pandesal said...

Yeah, in the 80's the the Titans were as big as the X-Men, or so I'm told. It was before I started reading comics. ::Sigh:: Where did it all go wrong?

Hopefully the new monthly Titans book will restore some of the team's former glory, or at least make us all remember the good old Wolfman/Perez days.

Midnight Jake said...

Any idea what issue this is?

Jay Pandesal said...

Unfortunately I don't know which issue this is from. These scans were submitted to the blog.


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