December 27, 2007

Dick Grayson, Male Model

During Bruce Jones' (thankfully) short run on Nightwing, he turned Dick into a male model. Makes sense right? His fanbase should be really happy, right? Well unfortunately this change in vocation also meant that he apparently also got the IQ of the average male model. Scans from Nightwing #119.

Here's a bonus scan from Nightwing #138 that confirms what I've always suspected. Nightwing uses his ass to distract his enemies:


ROBERT.M said...


pandesal said...

Yup, Nightwing's tight buns are his weapons of mass distraction!

Hushicho said...

Dick being goofy and brainless can't be any worse than the horrid, uncharacteristic Dick written by countless other writers. I'd rather see him as a male model than as a failed police officer or, worst of all, Batman when he should be his own person!

Unfortunately pretty much every writer of Dick has made him into a thoroughly unsympathetic character. At least they have avoided every attempt at marrying him off, unfortunately unlike most of the other original Teen Titans, who have been thoroughly ruined as characters.

He's hot, I think he should get more attention on his buns!

pandesal said...

I agree. Looking back now, I don't know why Bruce Jones got so much crap from fans for his run on Nightwing. At least it was kind of fun in a silly sort of way, there are other writers who have done far more damage to Dick Grayson. That being said, I think Grant Morrison is doing a pretty good job with his characterization in Batman & Robin.

Its a shame Dick is (a) Batman now, his butt is always covered by the cape. Its gonna be a while before we see gratuitous ass shots. C'mon DC, give us Nightwing back!

steverm said...

What's up with petting the model? Just touching him anytime you feel like it? SERIOUSLY? And he doesn't react one way or the other?

Damn, you guys are right about the IQ thing!


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