December 27, 2007

Cyclops & Wolverine

Cyke and Wolvie from X-Men: Phoenix Endsong #2. These scans were drawn traced by Greg Land.


ROBERT.M said...

hot pics!!!! mmmm I JUST LOVE SEEing wolverine&cyclops, keep hopeing that wolverine will kiss&make love to cyclops. OH WELL A GUY CAN DREAM CAN'T HE!??

pandesal said...

Your not the only one who wishes that these two would get it on, my friend. There are a lot of good Cyclops/Wolverine slashfics out there. Check 'em out!

Azare said...

Aww pls guys tell me where are these Wolvwerine/Cyclops slash fanfics.Wolverine is my fav and I want read something hot and sexy about him.
Pls guys you make me so happy if you send those links.

Thx and greetings from Hungary by Azare

My email address:

steverm said...

SUPER nice drawings.


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