December 4, 2007

Nexus Takes Off His Shirt

I *heart* Nexus. Steve Rude made him look so damn sexy, and in a realistic way. He doesn't have an overly exagerated physique like most comic book heroes, which really appeals to me. The fact the he spends a lot of time shirtless, in speedoes or in sexy civies is just icing on the cake.

Take the following scans for instance, his friend Judah has just been de-headed (it's a long story), so Horatio Valdemar Hellpop aka Nexus decides to confront the villain responsible. I guess to emphasize how pissed off he is or how urgent his mission is, he takes off his shirt right there in the hangar bay as he declares his intention. Nice! From Nexus #1 (regular series).

Bonus Ass Shot!


Robert.M said...

thank you!! hot nexus, to bad he's not wish i had him on wallpaper??

pandesal said...

Well he lives in the future, maybe he has a more flexible view regarding sexuality. That's what I like to think anyway. Note to self: google Nexus slashfics!

steverm said...

The first panel is the exact opposite of most comic artwork from the 1960's. This artist made sure that the shirt was high enough to show the nipples, which are included in perfect detail. VERY refreshing choices here, not to mention hot as hell!


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