August 28, 2008

Cyclops in Pajamas

Jharen shares with us these scans of Cyke in his jammies from an issue of Cable. Look at 'em nipples.

Superboy-Prime Almost Naked

Here is the always reliably shirtless Superboy-Prime exposing more skin than usual from Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. This super-beefcake was brought to you by Tribal44.

The Men of Fabletown: Bigby Wolf

Fables fan Alekz sent in a lot of scans featuring the men of Fables. First up is the sheriff of Fabletown himself Bigby Wolf (AKA Big Bad Wolf).

Purple Man & Hangman

Dermie's series of scantily clad Marvel villains continues with Purple Man and Hangman.

According to him:
Purple Man from NEW THUNDERBOLTS #17.

Here is a scan from AVENGERS WEST COAST #77, with the Hangman telling
his origin story.

Oli, Son of Gambit

Jharen shares with these scans featuring some second generation mutant/cajun beefcake. This is Oli AKA Oliver Raven, Rogue and Gambit's son (from a possible future timeline) in the pages of GeNext.

And as a bonus, here's a sketch of his daddy Gambit as he is drawn by Destiny in her diaries. For a blind woman, she draws pretty good.

Sebastian Shaw

Here we have the Hellfire Club's Black King, Sebastian Shaw courtesy of Jharen.

August 22, 2008

Animated Human Torch Hotness Part 2

Lagosta of Hot Fictional Guys shares with us more screencaps from the episode of the Fantastic Four animated series called "Contest of Champions", featuring a shirtless johnny Storm, but unfortunately unlike the older caps it seems that he lost his nipples!

Naked Satan

That's right! 'the Prince of Darkness himself, naked! And tormenting Robin and Batgirl. Oh, the Silver age wackiness! Special thanks to Doug of dougsploitation for sharing this with us.

Midnighter, a little beaten up

Many thanks to Paul for these scans featuring gay superhero (anti-hero?) Midnighter, one-half of comicdom's hottest gay couple.

According to him:
Here are some scans of the Midnighter from the 'Grifter & Midnighter' crossover. He is sort of beat up in them, but that seems to be when he is most often shirtless, so, I can't complain too much.

Wolvie Floating Naked

Her royal cattiness, the Princess Selina Desire shares with us this great pic of Ultimate Wolverine floating naked in what has to be his famous Weapon X tank. I think I can see his "little Canuck"! Scanned from Ultimate Origins #3.

Spider-Man, Caught with his pants down

Anonymous S sent in this interesting scan featuring Peter Parker getting caught with his pants down! By the Hobgoblin of all people!

X-Man: Crash Course

The Summers family is not only a family full of powerful mutants, it is also a family with a lot of hot men. Cyclops, Havok, Cable, that bastard child who grew up in outer space (Vulcan), even Grandpa Corsair is a stud.

Here we have the youngest of the Summers boys, Nate Grey (yeah, he's not "officially" a Summers), the cloned "son" of Cyclops and Jean Grey from the Age Of Apocalypse storyarc. He is Cable's counterpart in that dimension. I'm still pissed they killed him off. What a waste. Special thanks to Jharen for these full-page scans from X-Man #23.

Wally West in a Speedo

Flash in a speedo! Again! He's probably my favorite DC fire-crotch so scans of him are always a treat for me. Thanks to Jharen for these scans.

Hyperion Flying Naked

Jharen shares with us this pretty scan featuring Supreme Power/Squadron Supreme's Hyperion flying around naked. Power Princess has been cropped out of the pic, sorry cheesecake hunters.

The Masters of Evil, Stripped

I love it when a whole teams get naked (or as close to naked as the Comic Code Authority allows them to be). Dermie shares with us these scans featuring The Masters of Evil.

According to him:
These scans are from THUNDERBOLTS #25. The T-Bolts have knocked out a bunch of the Masters of Evil, and decide to steal their uniforms in order to sneak into the Masters' base and stop their evil plot.

Whirlwind and the Wizard

Dermie brings the villainous beefcake once again! Warning: the next couple of scans feature violence against women.

According to Dermie:
Up next is another long-time Avengers foe--the Whirlwind! This is from AVENGERS Vol.3 #71. Whirlwind has always been obsessed with the Wasp, and in this scene he is "preparing" for his next encounter with her, using a call girl he's hired to dress up like her.

Here are some scans of the Wizard, from AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT #29. The Wizard has been recaptured after a recent breakout from the Vault, where he seriously injured one of the Guardsmen. Wizard has been stripped of his costume, and now has another run in with that guard...

August 14, 2008

Agent Sum

Time for some hot asian beefcake! Agent Sum, a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative with healing powers appears bare chested in the pages of Miss Marvel. Many thanks to Jharen for this full-page scan.

Trapster & Dr Nemesis

Dermie shares with us some more villainous beefcake.

According to him:

Trapster (formerly known as Paste Pot Pete), a frequent member of the Frightful Four. These scans are from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #24, where the Trapster is making a jail break with his partner in crime, the Wizard.

Dr Nemesis, from SOLO AVENGERS #8. Hank Pym is fighting the giant-size villain, and uses his pym particles to shrink Dr Nemesis out of his costume (which control his size-changing powers). I find it very amusing that the big tough bad guy is wearing pink boxer shorts...


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