August 22, 2008

Whirlwind and the Wizard

Dermie brings the villainous beefcake once again! Warning: the next couple of scans feature violence against women.

According to Dermie:
Up next is another long-time Avengers foe--the Whirlwind! This is from AVENGERS Vol.3 #71. Whirlwind has always been obsessed with the Wasp, and in this scene he is "preparing" for his next encounter with her, using a call girl he's hired to dress up like her.

Here are some scans of the Wizard, from AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT #29. The Wizard has been recaptured after a recent breakout from the Vault, where he seriously injured one of the Guardsmen. Wizard has been stripped of his costume, and now has another run in with that guard...

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