July 6, 2018

Gambit Bondage

In X-Men Vol. 1 #184, Gambit volunteers to become Apocalypse's horseman, Death in an attempt to save the X-Men & keep an eye on Aplocalypes himself. Unfortunately, his gambit fails (heh, see what I did there?) and he becomes the villain's loyal servant.

Shirtless Angel Joins the Ultimate X-Men

In Ultimate X-Men #40, Warren Worthington II joins the X-Men. He pays a visit to the school, shirtless. Bonus: Cylcops appears bare-chested too.

Batman Tortured

In Batman #674, our hero is tortured by Bat-Devil, leading to some exposed skin from his costume being damaged.

Superman's Body

I know it might be little morbid since this post basically features Superman's corpse but just think of it as his temporarily incapacitated body since we all know he ain't really dead. The Adventures of Superman #498 takes place immediately after the aftermath of Superman & Doomsdays' iconic fight and as such, features the temporarily incapacitated Superman who's costume is in tatters.

Shirtless Spider-Man, Batman & Carnage

That right, Marvel & DC's top characters in the same comic! In the Spider-Man/Batman #1 crossover comic, Peter Parker & Bruce Wayne both wake up from nightmares. Both are shirtless. This issue is truly a gift from the beefcake gods.

Bonus: Naked Carnage

Mon-El's Damaged Costume

In Legion of Superheroes Vol. 3 #50, the Legion faces the Time Trapper & Mon-El's costume does not survive the encounter.

Captain Atom in Ancient Rome

After the events of Armageddon 2001, Captain Atom & Monarch find themselves time traveling to different eras. In Armageddon: Alien Agenda #1 & 2, Captain Aton finds himself in ancient Rome. Kinda weird that he appears to be naked in the first issue, but then he suddenly is wearing a loincloth out of no where. 


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