January 26, 2009

Robin Changing

Jailbait alert! Here are some awesome scans featuring Tim Drake changing into his Robin gear from Robin #154. Special thanks to Robin Fanboy for sharing these with us!

Hawkgirl's Big Mistake

Wolfie, webmistress of RoyToys sent in this rebuttal for the "Naked Hawkman" post. Apparently Hawkgirl made a big mistake! Poor Roy Harper.:

According to Wolfie:
While I must admit that dreaming about another lover and saying that lover's name outloud in ANOTHER MAN'S bed cannot be helped, it's still crass and she deserved to get dumped. That said *grin*, I offer the second part of the Hawkgirl dream sequence with a dose of her reality Roy, which is better anyway.

Iceman in the Shower, plus original Art

Jharen sent in this scan of Bobby Drake in the shower!

And Jeff was kind enough to share this awesome piece of art he purchased for Neil Adam's website. I love his facial expression here.

Preacher Sex Scene

Here's Preacher sex seen, complete with Jesse Custer's bare ass. There scans were brought to you by Terry.

Ultimate Black Panther

The Ultimate universe's version of the Black Panther started out as an experiment odf Weapon X. Its nice to know that even in an alternate reality, Weapon X still brings the beefcake. Scans courtesy of Get X.


Here are some more vintage Titans scans featuring the perpetually shirtless Lilith Clay-loving alien Azrael. Scans courtesy of Jharen.

Vintage Dick & Kory

Jharen shares with us some old school scans featuring the New Teen Titan's main couple, Nightwing and Starfire. Naturally the reason these pics are posted... Dick is shirtless.

January 19, 2009

Star Lord

Jharen shares with us some scans featuring Star Lord from Annihilation: Conquest.

January 17, 2009

Naked Hawkman

Tribal44, who sent in this scan, summed up how I feel about this scan in his email, "My dream came true, Hawkman naked. My god."

X-Force: Warpath & Elixir

Terry shares with us some scans from X-Force v3 #10 featuring beefcake shots of Warpath (fighting Demon Bear with Ghost Rider) and an injured Elixir.

Venom: Dark Origin

Super-Spiderfan Get X shares with us some scans from Venom: Dark Origin #5.

According to him:
The Venom symbiote has lost almost all of its mass, leaving Eddie Brock naked and helpless as he falls to his defeat. In the 2nd one, Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote are kept in stasis in a plexiglass containment unit.

The Two Human Torches

EDIT: Oops! Double post!

The Darkness vs The Daughter of Dracula

Terry shares with us more Darkness beefcake. In this installment, Jackie Estacado faces of with the Daughter of Dracula.

Ollie can't keep his clothes on

Green Arrow (Ollie) just can't keep his clothes on, even when he's guest starring in someone else's comic. Vespa311 shares with us these scans from Legends of the Dark Knight # 127 and 130.

Iceman & Havok: the Hidden Years

Sorry for the lack of udates lately guys. Been busy. Here are some scans from John Byrne's X-Men: The Hidden Years featuring the youngest orignal X-Man, Iceman and Cyclop's younger brother, Havok. Scans courtesy of Jhared.

January 3, 2009

Two Human Torches

Jharen shares with some scans featuring the Fantastic Four's Human Torch. Or Human Torches since there are two of them (but only one is shirtless), thanks to some alternate timeline hijinks.


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