January 26, 2009

Hawkgirl's Big Mistake

Wolfie, webmistress of RoyToys sent in this rebuttal for the "Naked Hawkman" post. Apparently Hawkgirl made a big mistake! Poor Roy Harper.:

According to Wolfie:
While I must admit that dreaming about another lover and saying that lover's name outloud in ANOTHER MAN'S bed cannot be helped, it's still crass and she deserved to get dumped. That said *grin*, I offer the second part of the Hawkgirl dream sequence with a dose of her reality Roy, which is better anyway.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but there ain't NO WAY that little Speedy is a better fantasy (or reality) than handsome, muscular, hairy-chested, hyper-masculine Carter Hall. Hawkman is GRRRRR!

Valancy said...

We shall just have to agree to disagree, especially after the Omens and Origins "he's just a child" comment Hawkman made. And how would CARTER take it if Kendra was lying in HIS bed moaning Roy's name? Hmmmm?

Wolfie @ roytoys.net

Valancy said...

Blast! Forgot my :D at the end of that!



ScottyOKC said...

Can someone tell me what issue this is from?


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